“Just because a man lacks the use of his eyes doesn’t mean he lacks vision.” Stevie Wonder

My 3 coworkers, during lunch, would have “What IF” conversations. We’d come up with a topic and the others had to respond honestly. So throughout the blog, I’ll include “What if” post to find out WHATSYOURSHIP !! So let’s walk this plank together. Here’s the first scenario:                    

Scenario 1: While driving to work you are stopped at a traffic light when you look over, you see this VERY handsome man in the car next to you. He smiled and rolled down his window and asked “How are you?” you smiled and respond, “fine and you?” He asked “if it would be possible to get your number?” and just as the light was changing, you gave it to him and drove off.

As you continue your commute to work and throughout the day, you ponder the recent interaction. Dude was cute! You wondered what he was all about. Did he have any kids? Hell, did he have a woman? What was he like? Was he like the rest of the dudes or was he a stand-up guy? Would he call? You sure hoped so,

Later on that evening, he called. You talked for hours, laughing mostly, but getting to know each other. He was 32 and you are 30, He had a son who was 6 from a previous relationSHIP. His ex had remarried and they co-parent well. He talked about his son with pride. He told me that he worked crazy hours as a computer programmer for an IT company in Culver City and had worked there for 6 years. You told him you worked as a Phlebotomist. For the next few weeks, you talked on the phone several times a day, sometimes for hours.

Through those conversations, you discovered that he was a nice guy but worked a lot. He was right, his work schedule was crazy. He finally had a weekend where he wasn’t working and didn’t have a commitment to his son, so he asked you out. He invited you on a dinner date and asked if you could meet him at the restaurant. You accepted the invitation and told him that you were excited to see him again.

The night was here and you got all cute and headed to the restaurant. Your nerves were fluttering. Even though you had talked, texted, and sexted (sort of), you felt like you knew him but was still very nervous. Since you hadn’t seen him for about a month, you started to wonder how the evening would go. Would he like you in person?

When you arrived, you re-touch your lipstick, took a deep breath, composed yourself and headed for the restaurant to meet your man. Once you entered you gave the host your name and he leads you to the table. You could see his smile from across the room and as you got closer to the table, you noticed he was in a wheelchair something he never mentioned.

What do you do? What do you say? Do you stay for dinner?

SHIP TALK: How would you feel? Would you be mad? Would you feel betrayed? What would do you do? What do you say? Are you staying for dinner or leaving?


4 Replies to “What If-Scenario #I- Roll Out”

  1. It would bother me. Not sure what I would do. I would be angered that he didn’t tell me more than him being in a wheelchair.

  2. I would definitely want to know why he failed to mention that little tidbit of information. But, it wouldn’t cause a problem if I was attracted to him .

  3. Great answer. Yet, while testing these questions, the answers did vary. I don’t think the wheelchair would bother me as much as the not letting me know

  4. I would definitely stay for Dinner and I would ask Him why Didnt he tell me he was in a wheelchair although it wouldn’t matter but just tell me

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