“A smart person knows how to talk. A wise person knows when to be silent.”

Roy T. Bennett

Last week I texted a question to a friend, she answered the question then texted back, are you still doing your blog?  I was taken aback by the question but understood why she asked.   Although, I have plenty to say, I haven’t published a post in a few weeks. I just wasn’t ready to be transparent about what I was experiencing, and I’m still not.  Yet, I responded to her inquiry with an overwhelming YES.  Her question made me realize a few things. First, that I missed y’all and sharing my thoughts.  Her inquiry also inspired me to share what I’ve learned over these past few months and I’m ready!!    

After sitting in silence, it’s time to TALK SHIP!!   So, my first post will be on October 1st after I return from Alaska!!  I really have missed y’all….and can’t wait to TALK SHIP with cha!      


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  1. I’m glad you’re returning. I do understand that sometimes, we must step back and sit silently in the presents of God. It’s where the Spirit of the Lord reveals, resets, restores and washes our mind. God bless your travel. New thing about to happen, and new doors that no man can shut. Amen. Love you

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