While at the airport headed home from a wonderful Alaskan cruise, the group organizer shared that a few passengers had tested positive for Covid.  Yet, since I’d worn a mask consistently throughout the cruise, I wasn’t alarmed.  But just as we were boarding, I began to have chills and by the time I was seated, I was freezing internally. Finally, I made it home and after taking a hot bath, took a Covid test, and it came back negative.  I was relieved.  Two days later, I took another test and discovered, I had Covid. WHAT? How could this happen?  I was still practicing the CDC recommendations –safe distancing, wearing a mask, and washing my hands –because for years, along with the vaccines, worked and had kept me safe and Covid free.   After contracting Covid, I recalled a conversation that I had with a friend who insisted that at some point, everyone would get Covid.  I disagreed and believed that if we’d continue to adhere to the CDC safety precautions, we’d remain COVID free.  Boy was I wrong.  Because they worked UNTIL they didn’t… because I still tested positive for Covid.  

I was grateful for the vaccinations because the only symptom I experienced was exhaustion and for the next 13 days, all I did was sleep.  I retested yesterday and it was negative. I was elated!! 

Even though I’m still not 100% healed, I feel MUCH better than I have in 2 weeks and wanted you to know, why there was no post last week as I promised. Mentally, I just couldn’t.  Because after a relaxing vacation with the most amazing, breathtaking views, I brought back an “UNWANTED SOUVENIR” that I had to get rid of…so we’ll talk SHIP soon.

SHIP TALK: Continue to practice the CDC safety precautions and get vaccinated.

2 Replies to ““UNWANTED SOUVENIR””

  1. Sounds like you had an amazing vacation, and weathering the “COVID storm”… you got some much needed sleep/rest!

    Hope you’re feeling better and ready to hit the ground running 🏃🏾‍♀️

    Have a Blessed week and we look forward to the next post!

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