“Folks are usually about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Abraham Lincoln

Do you consider yourself to be a happy person? If so, applaud yourself because most folks aren’t. But, why? Why are we so unhappy? Are we looking to others for our happiness? Is happiness just a fleeting feeling? Or Is happiness actualized when we fulfill our heart desires? Happiness is not contingent on having this or that….happiness is a CHOICE INSPITE of NOT having this or that.

But how? How can we be happy when we dislike our job? Live paycheck to paycheck? Are unemployed? How can we be happy when our children are wayward? Our health is failing? How can we be happy when we are going through a breakup or divorce? When we are feeling alone? How can we be happy when things seem hopeless? Can we really experience happiness in the midst of our circumstances? The answer is YES. Even when we are experiencing setbacks and difficulties in our lives, we can still be happy, we just have to CHOOSE it.

Happiness is the result of a CONSTANT effort to mentally remain grateful regardless of outer conditions and circumstances. Happiness is a state of mind. It’s intentional and MUST be actively pursued. We CHOOSE happiness when we stop paying attention to what is wrong in our lives and start being grateful for what is right. When we stop focusing on our lack and begin to acknowledge our luster-our shine, happiness will emerge. The more we CHOOSE to spend our time being grateful, the closer we get to reaching happiness.

In reality, things will NEVER fall into place all at once, the way we want, or when we want them to. We will never have everything we long for. Even people with great wealth don’t have everything they desire. Which lets us know happiness is NOT rooted in stuff. Happiness is an inside job that only you can perform. So, tomorrow make a different choice, be intentional, pursue happiness. Wake up in the morning and ACT happy. ACT happy all throughout the day. Keep doing that every morning and throughout the day and before, you know it you’ll be living permanently in the state of happiness.

SHIP TALK: Are you happy? Are you unhappy? If yes, why? What do you do to make yourself happy? Do you agree with this post?





  1. Stephen, happiness is intentional as I said. Regardless of what we have been through, happiness is always attainable, It’s just easier to be unhappy because lack seems to always remain at the forefront of our mind. Wishing you the best

  2. Ahh happiness ive yet to have it because im not sure if ive ever seen it or not. Ive been in institutions for over a 4th of my life. Not really using this as an excuse to hinder my abilities. Im a very motovated individule but i dont think it is the pursuit of happiness that motovates me more than achievement itself.

  3. Julie, I am a believer in affirmations. You wake up and think on all those good things happening and it will fill your mind with good thoughts. Let me know how it goes

  4. I like that-ACT happy. I am going to try that! I have been complaining and grouchy lately for no good reason so I am going to try to act happy and see how it goes! Thanks for the blog!!

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