“Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.” Keri Russell

Every day we are forced to make some type of CHOICE or DECISION. From the time we wake up until the time we go to bed, our day is filled with decisions and choices. Even if we are in a position where others make decisions for us, we still have choices. Regardless of how big or small or how good or bad the choice or decision-they ALL have consequences. But do we ever really THINK about the consequences BEFORE we actually make a decision or choice?

What decisions are you making? Are you doing everything you can to be a better person? Are you procrastinating? Are you budgeting and saving toward your goals? Are you making healthy food choices? Are you exercising to maintain your health and/or lose weight? Do you spend time preparing for your future? Are you making the necessary preparations to become successful? Or are you making lame excuses why you shouldn’t even try?

What choices do you have? Even if you- are divorced, a single parent, live in a bad neighborhood, unemployed, getting out of an abusive relationship, starting over, or just being released from jail-you too have choices. You can choose to remain a victim or you can CHOOSE to use your chaotic situations as motivation to create a better life. If you choose a better life and a brighter future, then you must start making better choices if it is to be attained.

Don’t get it twisted, LIFE is all about making choice. You can have any future you want but you have to CHOOSE it! You can thrive in life if you choose to! You can excel at work, school, or in your relationSHIPS if you decide to apply yourself. You CAN be successful if you choose it!! But, once again, the CHOICE is yours. It’s on you, so what are you gonna do? Choose Wisely!

SHIP TALK: What choices should you be making? What decisions are you making? Have you made bad choices? What were the consequences





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