“I’ve chosen to stay in a JOLLY place for most of my life, and that is a lot of who I am.”

Dawn French

Last week, while walking in the park, I realized that CHRISTmas was less than 2 weeks away. How can that be?  This year has really flown by.  Now it’s December,  and it’s once again the SEASON TO BE JOLLY.  But what is JOLLY? The only time the word JOLLY is used, or the only time I’ve heard it, is at CHRISTmas time, and it’s usually used to describe Santa as a portly, JOLLY, white-bearded man, with spectacles, who wears a red suit and carries a bag of toys for children.  As I continued walking, I wondered if I was JOLLY. As I reflected on these past months, although things haven’t been perfect, for me, there were plenty of reasons this SEASON TO BE JOLLY.  Are you feeling JOLLY this season?  Do you have reasons this SEASON TO BE JOLLY?  I can honestly say I DO!!!   So for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about why it’s always the SEASON TO BE JOLLY!!

I know the word JOLLY is associated with being happy but never knew its actual definition. JOLLY, according to Merriam-Webster, is defined as: (1): being full of high spirits: joyous. b: expressing, suggesting, or inspiring lively happiness and good cheer.  (2): extremely pleasant or agreeable.  Since JOLLY has such happy and jovial meanings, why isn’t it used all year round?  The consistent euphoric feelings evoked from being JOLLY can make a positive impact in our daily lives.  Being JOLLY is also beneficial to our well-being because it creates a positive mindset that should be practiced daily.  Because when we do, we realize that every SEASON offers us reasons to be JOLLY. So why is it that December is the only month that encourages us to be JOLLY? Are you seasonally JOLLY or are you genuinely a JOLLY person?  If you’re not, do you know someone who is?  What characteristics do they possess?  What traits do you see in them that you don’t see in yourself?  What commonalities do you have with them?

It is reported that people that are genuinely JOLLY have common traits. They are hopeful and optimistic. They believe in themselves and their future.  They are kind.  They enjoy giving to others. They are positive.  Their energy and zest for life are infectious and electrifying to others.  They feel grateful and show gratitude. They deem it necessary to express gratitude for what they have. They are curious. They are life-long learners that are interested in an array of topics and subjects. They give and receive love. They understand the importance of having equitable relationSHIPS with others. They are authentic. JOLLY people enjoy who they are and believe that following their true nature is their greatest gift and asset.  JOLLY people truly understand that every SEASON is a SEASON TO BE JOLLY!!

Striving to be JOLLY year-round may seem like a distant and arduous task, but it’s not.  It’s actually closer than we think, it just requires that we trust GOD and understand those- things, people, and places, -that make us happy and incorporate more of that into our lives.  With life’s sorted uncertainties, it’s inevitable that we will have difficult and unhappy experiences that may get in our way and prevent us from becoming happy and JOLLY. But even with these circumstances, we can still be happy, joyous, peaceful JOLLY individuals.  But how?  By remembering that the ONLY way to be JOLLY and experience true happiness is through GOD. In John 15:11, it states “these things have I spoken to you, that MY joy may remain in you and that your joy may be full”. This is an assurance that GOD’S happiness is our happiness.

ALL of GOD’S rules and commandments were made specifically to provide happiness to those that believe in HIM. But, it’s our choice. We must CHOOSE to be JOLLY.   Every day, regardless of what’s happening around us or to us, we must make a conscious decision to be happy, to be JOLLY. Create the peace you want to experience. Create the happiness you desire. Make every season a SEASON TO BE JOLLY by practicing the traits that genuinely happy and JOLLY people possess and incorporate them into your daily lives. Let’s make it our goal to become happier and JOLLIER individuals. So, the next time you feel mad, disappointed, or want to complain-don’t do it, instead TRUST GOD and remember that with GOD in our lives, it will ALWAYS be the SEASON TO BE JOLLY!!

At whatstheship.com, we are wishing you and your families a very Merry CHRISTmas and a NAPPY New Year!!!

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2 Replies to “SEASON TO BE JOLLY!!”

  1. Merry Christmas Angie. Being Jolly is a choice and I am choosing to be that. Life is too short to be bent out of shape, any time.

  2. Val,

    Enjoyed the post! Being Jolly is a life lesson for me, practicing always. Yes, I think of myself as being a Jolly person. One, I choose Joy each and every day and typically I see the glass as half full.

    You said it well, Val, “ By remembering that the ONLY way to be JOLLY and experience true happiness is through GOD. In John 15:11, it states “these things have I spoken to you, that MY joy may remain in you and that your joy may be full”. This is an assurance that GOD’S happiness is our happiness.”

    Merry CHRISTmas 🎅🏾🤶🏾🎄

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