Hoping everyone had a Merry CHRISTmas, I know I did!!! Even though I am in Seattle, Washington enjoying the snowy weather and spending a relaxing holiday with family, I couldn’t end the year without creating a post for the last Sunday of 2021. For this week’s blog post, I am going to share something from a page I subscribe to on Facebook, called Quotes Made with Love. I read this last week and thought it was a befitting thought for us to close out the year and am sharing it with you.   So get ready to talk SHIP because I am making a FUNERAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

Hello Everyone,

It is with our deepest heartfelt sympathy that I must inform you about the death of our beloved and well-known friend, Mr. 2021.   He is survived by 12 wives, 52 children, and 365 grandchildren. His funeral will be on Friday, December 31st at 11:59 pm.  For more information, please contact Bishop January, the pastor of New Adventures Missionary Church at 0-101-2022.

Although Mr. 2021’s family members are saddened by his death, they wanted you to know that when he died, he accidentally took ALL of your problems, your sicknesses, your disappointments, your frustrations, your shames, your disgraces, your barrenness’, your discouragements, your failures,  and your rejections- to the grave with him.

But, his successor – Mr. 2022 wants you to know that he is going to compensate you with: Long life, good health, abundant blessings,  peace, joy,  righteousness, promotion, uplifting, and a multitude of breakthroughs, in the matchless NAME of Jesus, Amen❣

As this year winds down, I am hoping that we’ve learned the lessons that 2021 has taught us.  And it is our hope that 2022 is filled with MORE of what GOD has planned for all of us and that we are able to silence our thoughts so that we can clearly hear HIS voice and allow HIM to guide our steps throughout this NEW year.  

#EndOfYear #NappyNewYear

At www.whatstheship.com, we are wishing you and your family a very NAPPY NEW YEAR!! 


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