“Have the courage to say no. Have the courage to face the truth. Do the right thing because it is rigjht. These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity.”

W. Clement Stone

A few weeks ago while driving home from work a car cut me off almost causing an accident. After saying a few choice words to the driver, I began to wonder why people just don’t follow the rules/laws. Do they think they’re immune to the rules? Why not just do what’s right?  Is it greed? Selfishness? Life would be so much easier if everyone just followed the damn rules/laws. Can you imagine a world where EVERYONE followed the rules/laws of the land? Where EVERYONE did the right thing. How would this “right world” look to you?

I pondered this thought and concluded that in MY right world, people would stand up for injustices simply because they are unjust not because of skin color, ethnicity, or sexual preferences but because it’s right. In MY right world, everyone would be entitled to live the American dream-owning a home and earning a decent living wage. In MY right world, having health insurance and a good education would be an inalienable right. In MY right world, wealth would be distributed fairly and equitably amongst its citizens. In MY right world, people would be convicted of the crimes they actually committed. In MY right world, police would live by the mantra “ALL lives matter” with a renewed commitment to protect and serve NOT to kill and cover-up. And in MY right world, the leader of the free world would encourage and promote harmony within this country by honoring and respecting ALL groups of people. 

Even though MY right world may be a long way off, I know that in order for it to manifest and actualize, I must do my part to make it happen and if everyone else did their part, a right world COULD exist.  Understanding ourselves and empathy for others are necessary ingredients that contribute to creating a right world but it’s OUR efforts at love, forgiveness, and compassion that serve as its foundation. In reality, we have the power to create this world by simply being aware of the footprints that we leave while passing through this human existence. Right is never wrong. So, let’s do our part and work together to create a world where we root for right because it’s the right thing to do because when we ROOT for RIGHT, we ALL live in a better world.

SHIP TALK: What does your right world look like? What do you contribute to making your right world come to fruition? 

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4 Replies to “RIGHT WORLD”

  1. Great blog! In my Right World we also would immediately feel and experience how we treat others.. I have a few people in mind. If love and joy is given we would feel a sensation of love and joy. If emotional pain is what is given we would feel the sensation of the emotional pain ee give. In a Right World we would exist in God’s divine order of things. We would all believe in Jesus, and all our loved ones would have salvation. There would be affordable homes for all, jobs for all, equal opportunity for all. In a right world no need for war. I enjoyed imagining a right world, even just for a moment. My thoughts!

  2. O, I love the addition of the golden rule. It would certainly serve as a deterrent to mist. Thanks so much for the congrats, I appreciate you

  3. One thing about MY RIGHT WORLD is that people would adhere to the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. That would eliminate so many of the world’s ills and sins: rude behavior, crime, prejudice, cheating, deceit, etc. If people could literally FEEL and EXPERIENCE the effect of their thoughts, words and behavior on others, I think they would think more lovingly about it all. Congratulations, again, on making this a reality! You’re an inspiration!

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