“This life is like a swimming pool. You dive into the water, but you can’t see how deep it is.” Dennis Rodman

The term “body of water” most often refers to oceans, seas, and lakes. But, it also includes smaller pools of water such as ponds, wetlands, or more rarely, puddles.  Knowing this ‘why would anyone choose to swim in a pond or a puddle when there are more expansive bodies of water?  Seems strange. Yet, mentally some people tend to ONLY swim in the ponds and puddles within their communities without venturing off to explore bigger bodies of water.  

When I am out and about, I enjoy meeting and talking to people especially young people. So I typically find someone to strike up a conversation with. A few weeks ago while waiting for my food, I started talking with a young lady (about 23 years old) who was also waiting for her to-go order. During our conversation, I asked her, “if you could do anything in life what would you do?” She replied huh? I said, your dreams? Your goals? Your aspirations? She hesitated and said., “probably smoke weed all day and hang out drinking.” She laughed, I didn’t.

Her response indicated that the body of water she had limited herself to swimming in was more than likely, a pond or a puddle. I remarked that’s a goal but it’s an overcrowded job and not very profitable. Sensing my seriousness, she came up with something else…uhh if I hit the lottery, I would……I can’t even remember what she said but, on the 10-minute drive home, I replayed our conversation in my mind. This young lady reminded me of how we as individuals OPT to swim in ponds and puddles with OPT being the keyword.

In reality, we CHOOSE to stay and swim in ponds and puddles because it’s familiar.  Unfortunately, when we choose to swim in ponds and puddles, we totally limit ourselves.  We limit our minds, our experiences, our opportunities, and our expectations. We in actuality stunt our own growth because life is for us to experience, embrace, grow from, fail in, and to succeed. Yet, the interesting thing about swimming in ponds and puddles is that if we swim with purpose, these ponds and puddles will eventually connect us to larger bodies of water.

Even though I can’t physically swim, mentally I am swimming in the ocean. I come up occasionally to catch my breath and to regroup but I dive right back in. When I feel the water in my nostrils or on the back of my neck, I simply trust GOD to give me the courage, strength, and ability I need to backstroke through life. My backstroke may not be as graceful as Michael Phelps but it’s a backstroke nonetheless!!! So as YOU swim through life, be mindful, it’s YOUR responsibility to increase the body of waters YOU choose to swim in!!  Just tighten up on your backstroke and start swimming!!      

SHIP TALK: Are you limiting yourself by swimming in a pond or a puddle? Why? What body of water are you swimming in?

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2 Replies to “PONDS & PUDDLES”

  1. You are certainly swimming in the ocean. Those dreams to an Olympic Gold Medal. You are an inspiration

  2. Love your article! Since I was a little girl growing up in my native land, Belize, I’ve been dreaming BIG—mentally swimming in the ocean. Along the journey, I planned, worked hard, and listened to people who shared their knowledge and experiences to help me live a better life than theirs. I’m elated about my choices as I continue to swim in the ocean with faith and smart and hard work—helping myself and others live better lives.

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