“Don’t feed your body and keep your SPIRIT starving. Butter bread for your body and living bread for your SPIRIT. Read the Bible every day and keep your SPIRIT away from hunger.” Isrealmore Ayivor

When grocery shopping, do you read the nutritional value on food labels?   These days most of us do.  We pay attention to the nutritional content and value of what we eat, from calories to carbohydrates, to proteins, sugars, and sodium levels. Because when we think of nourishment, we tend to think of a healthy diet – fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins, and plenty of water.  Although these are certainly healthier options and are essential for our physical growth, they don’t satisfy all of our hunger.  It’s more than just our body that requires nourishment, OUR SPIRIT needs it too.   Especially with all the functions, it performs OUR SPIRIT certainly needs to be FED!!   So why aren’t we giving the nutritional value of what we FEED OUR SPIRIT the same consideration as we give food? Is it not important? FEEDING OUR SPIRIT is essential.  Do you know what the nutritional value of what you FEED YOUR SPIRIT is?  Not fully but NOW I DO read the labels!!!   So for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about the importance of knowing the nutritional value of what we FEED OUR SPIRIT!!! 

Last week a friend and I were talking about my blog post last week, AN INVITATION, and she shared that she too believed that we needed to be careful about what and who we let access our lives, especially if we are seeking some sort of balance.  We both laughed and reminisced about all of the non-nutritious crap that we used in the past to FEED OUR SPIRITS and expressed how grateful we were that we were no longer at that stage in our lives. From poor choices in mates to the time spent watching all of those stupid wives’ shows years ago, we were both just grateful that we’d finally realized that they had no nutritional value and weren’t FEEDING OUR SPIRIT.   She and I talked about having to add and subtract people, things, and even tv shows that no longer served a purpose in our lives and that may have actually been disrupting OUR SPIRITS. But what is OUR SPIRITOUR SPIRIT is what gives us a consciousness of self and reveals our “GOD-like” qualities and characteristics.    It’s the mental functions of our awareness, insight, understanding, judgment, and other reasoning powers. OUR SPIRIT includes our intellect, emotions, fears, passions, and creativity. It is this SPIRIT that provides us with the unique ability to comprehend and understand.  So with such vital functions, why is it that we aren’t paying attention to the nutritional value of what we FEED OUR SPIRITS?

Learning how to FEED OUR SPIRIT comes through personal growth and development coupled with a desire to please GOD.  When we’ve reached that point in our lives, we recognize who and what has nutritional value and are willing to let go of those people and things that don’t. When we FEED OUR SPIRIT we learn to read the nutritional label before granting access to our lives.  When we FEED OUR SPIRIT, we willingly let go of non-productive relationSHIPS. We let go of self-doubt and fear. We don’t allow negative influences to enter our homes, our minds, and our thoughts. We FEED OUR SPIRIT when we spend time with GOD through prayer and meditation.  We FEED OUR SPIRIT when we surround ourselves with supportive people.  We FEED OUR SPIRIT when we acknowledge that we are a part of something bigger and greater than ourselves.  We FEED OUR SPIRIT when we express our willingness to learn and grow. We FEED OUR SPIRIT when we forgive others.  We FEED OUR SPIRIT when we fully understand how wonderfully and beautifully made we were created to be.

As believers, we hunger to be in relationSHIP with GOD, and when we satisfy that hunger, will we experience the kind of joy, comfort, and peace that can only be felt when we FEED OUR SPIRIT!! What’s the nutritional value of what you are FEEDING YOUR SPIRIT?


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2 Replies to “FEED OUR SPIRIT!!!”

  1. Wow these articles are so great I really enjoy reading them and they eloquently describe many of my thoughts feelings and experiences
    Regarding this article about “feeding our spirit” I realized that I was corrupting my spirit. I used to read stuff on my FB timeline from “friends” and it was always neative or drama filled or asking divisive questions like ” why do all men… blah blah blah” stuff like that. So after a while I said to myself I don’t need to see or read this type of stuff. So I started deleting these people from my time line. I also noticed that if I continuously watch the news I start feeling irritated and start thinking the world is doomed. So I limit my time watching the news as well . What I realized is that I can control what I feed into my spirit and honestly it helped and I start looking at eliminating more things all the time now ……Thx Val

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