“Always reject the INVITATION to anger, it is not worth honoring.” Khulison Mamathoni

Do you INVITE chaos and confusion into your life?  I know it is something we say we don’t want but we may unintentionally be INVITING it into our lives.  But how?  We send AN INVITATION for chaos and confusion to enter our lives by the way we approach and respond to discord and disharmony, through the people we allow to enter our lives, and through the television shows, we watch.  Are you in a relationSHIP with someone who is argumentative or mean-spirited?  Do you watch TV shows that don’t uplift, empower, or educate you?  If so, you may be unknowingly sending AN INVITATION for chaos and confusion to enter your life.  I’ll admit, I used to send AN INVITATION but I DON’T anymore!!!  So for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about the importance of who we are sending AN INVITATION TO!!!

What is AN INVITATIONAN INVITATION is defined as a spoken or written request for someone’s presence or participation.  So when we permit foolishness to linger and exist in our lives, we are sending AN INVITATION, requesting the presence of chaos and confusion.  That’s why it’s important to understand and control who and what we allow in our lives.  If peace is what we seek, then we should surround ourselves with peaceful people and things.  Likewise, when we involve ourselves with things and people that bring chaos and confusion to our lives, we INVITE and welcome conflict.  

Being in a volatile relationSHIP where everything is an argument, where things are tit for tat, we are accepting AN INVITATION for chaos and confusion to exist in our lives.  It’s impossible for peace to exist in a chaotic situation. Even what we watch on television, has an impact on our lives.  Ya’ll know I love a good reality show but, a few years ago, I stopped watching shows that had senseless bickering, fighting, and back-biting amongst so-called friends.   Every week, even though those shows weren’t reflective of who I was, what I believed, or what I wanted in my life, I extended AN INVITATION for that type of chaos and confusion to enter my home and my life.  Recognizing that those types of shows didn’t align with what and how I wanted to live my life,  I immediately stopped sending AN INVITATION for that type of nonsense to exist in my life and began to closely monitor who and what I INVITED into my life. 

See once we understand that we are worthy and deserving of living the life that we desire, we’ll be intentional about who we send our INVITATIONS to.   Knowing that we deserve to live peaceful and harmonious lives, we’ll only send AN INVITATION to those people who are peaceful and harmonious.  Understanding that we deserve to be in relationSHIPS with people who support us and encourage us to thrive and grow, we’ll only send AN INVITATION to those who have the capacity to support and encourage us to thrive and grow.   We’ll send AN INVITATION to those who can make invaluable contributions to our lives.

Truth is, we may NOT be able to control everything that happens in this world but we can control the elements that exist within our worlds and in our lives.  That can only happen when we willingly control the guest list in our own lives and accept the responsibility of being selective about who we’ll send AN INVITATION!!!

SHIP TALK:  Are you sending AN INVITATION for chaos and confusion to enter your life?

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2 Replies to “AN INVITATION!!!”

  1. Yes ma’am. I’ve learned through life experiences that every time you get an invitation you are not obligated to accept it…

  2. Great blog. Invitation! Boy, there are times when I myself had to step back and ask why I’m I involved in this chaos? I quickly remove myself. I love when you said, “Peace.” As I see God restore to me my youth, I seek more and more peace. I surround myself with others whom deal will when storms come. I have set myself apart from drama it changes nothing in our lives. One of my motto’s when we know better we do better. I thank God for he is not a God of chaos or confusion.

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