“Always have an attitude of GRATITUDE.”     Sterling K. Brown

For the past few weeks, mentally I’ve been in a positive headspace.  Every morning I find myself filled with an overwhelming sense of appreciation and GRATITUDE.  Despite things not always going my way, or me always having more month than money, I can honestly say, I’m GRATEFUL and appreciative of it all.  I’ve finally realized that it isn’t necessary for something big or significant to happen in our lives to evoke a feeling of GRATITUDE.  On the contrary, GRATITUDE is being GRATEFUL for the small things that we have and those things that are happening in our lives NOW.  Are you GRATEFUL? What are you GRATEFUL for? Do you have an attitude of GRATITUDE?   Whew chile, I DO!!!  So for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about the importance of GRATITUDE!!!

What is GRATITUDEGRATITUDE is a positive emotion that involves being thankful and appreciative for something or someone in our life.  Normally we reserve our GRATITUDE for the thanksgiving season but it really is an emotion that we can experience every day.  How?  We have to choose it.  Each day gifts us with something or someone that we can be thankful for.  Last week at work, we had staff appreciation day.  Since the budget didn’t allow for personal raises, each manager was given $40 for each employee in their unit to do whatever they choose.  Our unit decided to go bowling and we had a blast. For 4 hours, we were able to eat, drink, and just have fun without the responsibilities of work.  As I drove home, I found myself being GRATEFUL to be employed by a company that thought outside the box to express its GRATITUDE and appreciation for its employees.  Don’t get me wrong, my co-workers and I would have preferred a raise but since that wasn’t happening, we choose to express our GRATITUDE for the acknowledgment. 

See GRATITUDE like most emotions is a choice that has several mental and physical health benefits, including increased happiness.  Practicing GRATITUDE enables us to feel more positive emotions, cherish good experiences, improve our health, help us deal with adversity, and build stronger relationSHIPS.  This positive headspace that I am in is possible because I know and accept that with GOD on my side, absolutely NOTHING else really matters.  It is HE that is the SOURCE of my supply and joy. Understanding and accepting this reality allows me to live in a constant state of GRATITUDE.  So regardless of what’s going on in or the busyness of your life, remember that every day you have the opportunity to choose your emotions, so the next time you make the choice-CHOOSE TO HAVE AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE!!!

SHIP TALK:  Do you have a sense of GRATITUDE?

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