“Nothing is more real than the masks we make to show each other who we are.” Christopher Barzak

Is it just me? I hope not!! But, I think that in the midst of this pandemic, it’s kinda bizarre that we are spending so much time debating whether -to wear or not to wear– a face mask or a COVER-UP.  State after state, the dominant conversation for Americans has become whether or NOT we should be wearing a friggin face mask, a COVER-UP, NOT the fact that damn near 200,000 people have died in the United States from this virus. NOPE!! Instead, we are arguing about whether we should be wearing a damn face mask or a COVER-UP. Are you kidding me? For this week’s blog, we have got to talk about the LUNACY of folk NOT wanting to wear a face mask, a COVER-UP? What do you think? Should people be required to wear a face mask, a COVER-UP when out in public? Let’s talk SHIP about the COVER-UP.          

Folks EVERYWHERE are hotter than fish grease because they are being required to wear a COVER-UP while out in public.  Hilarious videos show angry adults throwing tantrums in stores, businesses, and services in protest to wearing a face mask and a COVER-UP.  They claim it’s their constitutional right NOT to COVER-UP. They host rallies, protest at government offices, on street corners, stores, etc. all because they refuse to wear a COVER-UP and if they’re asked to COVER-UP, they get indignant. They yell and scream, cuss out ESSENTIAL workers, security guards, and other store patrons. They’ve even become violent. They’ve pulled out weapons, knives, and guns and have sadly killed people for requesting that they wear a COVER-UP.  Face masks and COVER-UPS indeed have become a big issue, but, why?  What’s the big deal?

We’ve ALWAYS been a society where signs prohibit and restrict our activities and behaviors- No smoking. Don’t walk. No running. No parking. Signs requiring us to wear shoes or shirts when patronizing a business or service. But, people DON’T storm governmental offices or businesses protesting their rights NOT to obey these directives. They don’t block streets and doorways in protest with signs saying, “I don’t care who it hurts, I’m still NOT wearing NO f%$#ing shirt!” “I don’t care if it ruins the air and you choke, it’s my right and I ‘m gonna smoke!!” or “Don’t give me the blues cause I ain’t wearing NO damn shoes!” We gladly accept and adhere to these restrictions without protesting. So what’s the difference? What’s the big deal about wearing a face mask, a COVER-UP?

People cite all types of reasons for justifying their right NOT to wear a face mask or a COVER-UP. Some refuse to wear a COVER-UP for health reasons -they have asthma and can’t breathe in them, they cut down the oxygen level, they cause blood clots. Others contest wearing a COVER-UP because-they hate being controlled by the government. They don’t want the government bossing them around, telling them what to do. It’s their choice and they will NOT have their rights infringed upon. Then there are those that defy wearing a COVER-UP for conspiracy and political reasons-the Coronavirus is a hoax. Face masks don’t work. It’s NOT a virus, its the flu, don’t need a COVER-UP for the flu. The president and vice president don’t wear them, I support them and don’t have to either.  The reality is that if these stubborn people let go of their opposition to wearing a face mask, a COVER-UP, we’d get through this pandemic MUCH quicker.

The REAL COVER-UP is that people FAIL to understand that medical professionals have suggested that IF the entire country, EVERYONE, wears a face mask, a COVER-UP for 6 to 8 weeks while in public, the virus would die instead of people. THAT’S A FACT!!! Wearing a face mask or a COVER-UP will make us ALL immune to the Coronavirus. It won’t cure the virus but it WILL slow down its transmission because a COVER-UP protects its wearers from the virus by limiting their exposure. if you are wearing a face mask, a COVER-UP, and are exposed to the virus, the symptoms will be milder because a COVER-UP serves as a protective layer. But if you are NOT wearing a face mask, a COVER-UP, you are NOT protected and are unable to control how much virus enters the body and if you catch it, you will be much sicker. The differences for wearers and non-wearers are drastic and could be deadly-wearing a COVER-UP -quarantining at home or NOT wearing a COVER-UP-hospitalized on a ventilator.

Just imagine-if we ALL wore a face mask, a COVER-UP for two months, we’d ALL be able to go outside again. We could have some sense of normalcy. We could go to bars, to restaurants, to the movies, beach, museums, to church, to the casino, to the salon, barbershop, nail shop, etc. We’d be able to send our children and teachers safely back to school.  We’d be able to hug our loved ones again. We’d be able to interact and socialize with friends and family face to face without having to host a ZOOM meeting or a Facebook Live video.  We could accomplish a lot in 2 months, but we’d ALL have to want to do these things together which means that the defiance to wearing a face mask, a COVER-UP has got to stop.

One’s choice NOT to wear a face mask, a COVER-UP inevitably reveals their real mask. It shows that they are a-careless, reckless, selfish, rude, inconsiderate, and ill-informed -individual with no respect for others. It shows us who and what we are working with and that’s sad because the resistance and unwillingness to wear a face mask, a COVER-UP is not a violation of their rights, it’s a violation of OURS!!! It puts OUR lives in danger. We ALL want this pandemic to be over, so stop resisting!!! Stop arguing, just SHUT UP and wear a damn face mask, a COVER-UP!!!!

SHIP TALK: Do you wear a mask or a COVER-UP when out in public? Do you think it should be mandated?

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6 Replies to “A COVER-UP”

  1. I agree. Very well said. I do the same thing….If I don’t have it, I am going right back in the house to get it done. I really wish Everyone would wear Cover-up for 2 months, so we can all go out. Thanks for your support.

  2. My face mask is like my seat belt. I don’t move my car without my seat belt, and I don’t leave my house without my mask. I freak out completely when I’m out and don’t have it on, and rush back in the house to get it. Americans are just incredible obstinate and foolish. We are entitled and egotistical. It’s all about us, period! It does not matter that people are dying if it inconveniences me or my person, and that’s the bottom line. Completely invincible. Some of the very people who were adamant about not wearing masks are learning the hard way as they are hospitalized for COVID-19 or they lose a spouse because “they thought it was a hoax.” PRAY for this nation! The depraved hearts of Americans need salvation. Sickness abounds because we have a heart problem.

  3. It really is that simple. If EVERYONE wears one, we can all get out of the house MUCH quicker.

  4. Just cover the eff up! It’s simple & over these weirdos not wearing one!!

    And of course it should be a federal mandate to do so but the orange dude is ignorant!
    Vote November!!

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