” Someone struggled for your right to vote. Use it ” Susan B. Anthony

These past few weeks, I have watched and listened in its entirety to the president’s hate-filled speeches in Tulsa, Arizona, and South Dakota and still can’t believe this man holds the highest office in the land. As I listened to his illogical rants, I begin to think about effective leaderSHIP and quickly recognized that he doesn’t have any of those qualities. Ironically he’s the total opposite and it’s NO DOUBT he can’t serve another term. He is a horrible speaker who exhibits poor leaderSHIP abilities so I decided to share my comical thoughts on his presidency in this week’s blog. Let’s talk SHIP, cause its NO DOUBT we’ve got to work together to vote his orange ass out!!

For the past 5 months, this virus has played by and created rules of its own. It has caused most of the world to work from home, to wash our hands more, to shelter in place, and when going outside, to avoid big crowds, distance 6 ft away, and to wear a mask that covers our face.  American businesses big and small, restaurants, clubs, gyms, and family-owned bars one by one have closed their doors. As this virus continues to spread, we receive no guidance from him on what lies ahead. Even when he provides his daily briefs, we still can’t believe this lying commander in chief. There really is NO DOUBT we just need to work together and vote his orange ass out!!

With millions of people sick and thousands already dead, he offers no forecast or predictions on how the United States should forge ahead. Convinced the Dems created the virus as a hoax, he watches and does nothing as Americans continue to croak. He thinks the virus is retaliation for his impeachment hearings, Muller investigations, and insisted that it is nothing too serious.  He said it’s just the flu and it will pass, it’ll be gone by Easter, he promised, it wouldn’t last.  Well, Easter has come and already gone the virus death rate continues to rise, while the unemployment rate reaches unprecedented highs, the stock market crashed and declined to the days of depression, while he taunts his popularity, his main obsession. Have NO DOUBT we’ve got to ban together and vote his orange ass out!!

Despite the destruction that this virus has brought, he has failed to recognize or adhere to the lessons that it has taught. His retorts and claims that it’s only a myth, clearly reveals he doesn’t know shit. His solution to this crisis he said with inflection, is simply to cure it with a shot of a bleach injection. While the economy continues to tank, and the number of Covaid-19 cases grows in each state, he insists that if they re-open, it will make America great. Business owners losing money are bitter and sore, fearing the worse that they’ll become poor.  So they re-opened states, cities, and businesses alike, but 3 weeks later closed down again as the Covaid-19 cases began to spike. Now he sounding just like a fool as he demands and pushes states to re-open their schools. There really is NO DOUBT, we’ve simply got to vote his orange ass out!!!

Without Russia’s interference, he would never have won the race because he’s unfit to serve, an embarrassment, AND a disgrace. During his term, many political appointees have resigned or were dismissed because they’ve refused to cover up his criminal shit. Yet and still he can do no wrong with some of his followers, not even when he accepts a bounty for the death of our soldiers- their own sons and daughters. When the truth is revealed that he’s a liar and on the take, then MSNBC and CNN news reports are suddenly fake. You should have NO DOUBT we can work together to vote his orange ass out!!

The differences between the leaderSHIP of 44 and 45 can’t really be compared. Forty-four was an articulate, poised, good looking Black man, who governed the country and the entire land. Obama was loved and admired from the north, to the south, 45 likes him so much he can’t keep his name out his mouth. It’s 45’s turn now and all he has done is attempt to erase 44’s greatness which only reveals his deep-seated jealousy, bitterness, and hatred. His campaign rallies are oozing with hate, with racist white folks chanting make America great, they sort of resemble a kkk convention, cause his rhetoric’s aimed at increasing racial tension. His insistent chants that all lives matter is simply an untruth he continues to share, cause retweeting a video promoting “white power” proves that he really doesn’t care.  Once again, there is NO DOUBT we’ve got to stick together and vote his orange ass out!!      

These past 4 years have been an epic fail and I can’t wait until this orange louse, packs all of his shit and leaves the White House. On November 3rd we will cast our votes and Joe Biden will be hired, and much like the apprentice, his orange ass will be fired. After Joe Biden wins, the American people will be freed from this day by day hell, when the Cheeto, Ivanka, and Jared are handcuffed and locked up in jail. For misdemeanor crimes and other reasons but mainly because they’ve committed treason. I look forward to November 3rd, and will eagerly await when Cheeto exits the office, making America GREAT!!!. Don’t believe the hype, and have NO DOUBT, go to the polls, and let’s vote his orange ass out!!

SHIP TALK: Are you registered to vote? Will you be glad when this president is voted out of office?

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  1. We can’t sit this election out we must, must, must, get up and get out to vote for VP Biden, no matter who he select for his VP!!

  2. He brings about emotions in me that I have never experienced before. Irk is such a nice way of saying the emotions that come to me. Such unGodly emotions, detest, despise, and even hate. I have never hated anyone in my life. I am never one to rush to my birthday month, however, it will be a wonderful birthday present to get him out of office.

  3. Thanks, Kim. He literally irks me. I would have never thought I’d reference home but I was determined NOT to mention his name. But, yes have no doubt, we’ve got to vote his orange ass out.

  4. Valerie

    Great blog. Your humor is catchy. You covered the state of America wonderfully. How sad we’ve become as a nation. No doubt in my mind we have to VOTE his orange ass out.

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