“Only GOD KNOWS. HE is the ONLY ONE who knows. HE is the ONLY ONE who will KNOW. And HE is the ONLY ONE who does KNOW.” Manny Pacquiao

Even with everything that’s going WRONG in this world –the pandemic, social & racial injustices, police brutality, poor governmental leaderSHIP, etc, I find comfort in BELIEVING that GOD KNOWS what’s best for me and this world.  This belief has allowed me to detach myself from the chaos of the news and has enabled me to spend more time focusing on HIS presence. To simply be grateful. To count my blessings and NOT my lack. To rest on the assurance that NO MATTER what is happening, GOD KNOWS what’s best. Do you BELIEVE that GOD KNOWS what’s best for you?  For this week’s blog, I’m sharing a poem that resonates with how I’ve been feeling lately entitled “GOD KNOWS Your Needs” by Deborah Ann Belka. Because I truly believe that GOD KNOWS what this world and I both need. I hope you like it as much as I do. Enjoy!!

GOD KNOWS Your Needs”

GOD KNOWS what you need,
even before you do . . .
HE knows the path and the way
that HE has prepared for you.

GOD KNOWS your future,
good things are in HIS plans
but you must trust and believe
and put your life in HIS hands.

GOD KNOWS your troubles,
they are in HIS thoughts
so give HIM your faith today
and HE will connect the dots.

GOD KNOWS your heart’s desires,
their purpose and their design
they are yours to possess
but to doubt, you must resign.

GOD KNOWS your every need,
and HIS peace HE will send
so there’s no need to worry
HE will get you to the end! AMEN.  

It really is a comforting thought to BELIEVE that GOD KNOWS and is concerned and cares about us. But the keyword is BELIEVE. We can’t be deceived by the appearance of our circumstances, we just have to BELIEVE and TRUST GOD in and for ALL things. But how? We simply leave our cares and concerns at HIS feet and BELIEVE that GOD really does KNOW what’s best for US. Trust me when I tell you, GOD KNOWS what you, I, and this world need!!!

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6 Replies to “GOD KNOWS”

  1. YES. He does. That’s the blessing. Just being able to be grateful when the world is such a mess. Always a place to find HIM and peace.

  2. With everything that I have been through, it is no doubt in my mind that GOD KNOWS what’s best for me.
    Even with the uncertainty of my job I am not worried because HE KNOWS and I trust that HE will prevail, he will provide, he will continue to lead me where he wants me to be. I AM A BELIEVER, because I know GOD KNOWS.

  3. Beautiful poem, thank you for sharing. It’s been over 200 days on quarantine. God’s home bound plan. He has been a provider, sustainer, healer, protector and a friend. He cares and has concern for me and my family. I am grateful and honor God through Christ Jesus. He has given me witty inventions. I’m humbled. He’s alive, well and moving in the earth. To Thine be the glory and the power forever. Amen.

  4. Yes!! I believe God knows and he cares.. I grateful for his Grace and Mercy. Be blessed

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