“What’s wrong with people?” she says, almost too quiet for me to hear. “Were they born with parts missing or did they fall out somewhere along the way? Isaac Marion

For the most part, those of us with good sense are all trying to do our best to protect ourselves and our families from contracting the Coronavirus. We are sheltering in place, washing our hands, maintaining a 6 ft distance from others, and only leaving our homes to replenish our grocery and toiletry supplies. But despite us being vigilant and taking precautions, there are people who are trying to spread the Covid-19 virus to others.  The articles I’ve read and the stories I’ve heard during this pandemic are absolutely absurd and make me wonder what the f@$& is wrong with people?

At a time where we should ALL be working together to combat this horrific virus, not everyone is willing to do their part. The news and newspapers are filled with stories of weirdos who are attempting to intentionally spread the Coronavirus. It’s happening all over the globe. In Pennsylvania, a woman who had the Covid-19 virus purposely went into the grocery store and coughed and spat on $35,000 worth of produce. In Los Angeles, an Amazon driver spits on a package he was delivering and smeared it all over the package.  In Wisconsin, a woman licked the door handle of a grocery store freezer with the hope of spreading the virus. What the f@$& is wrong with people?

In Pennsylvania, a man who claimed he had COVID-19 intentionally coughed on an elderly man who was recovering from pneumonia inside a grocery store. A 26-year old man was arrested in Wisconsin after video emerged of him licking toiletries in a Walmart. A South African teacher trapped in Wuhan, China said people who were infected were spitting on elevator buttons.  Police were called to a Michigan store when employees reported that a man was walking around the store with his hands down his pants pushing a shopping cart and touching food all while saying he was infected with COVID-19. What the f@$& is wrong with people?

I’m not sure if these people are actually infected with the virus or if the stories are even true but I do know that for those of us who take this pandemic seriously, it serves as a warning that people are capable of doing anything. So whatever you do, continue with the precautions that you use to keep you and your family safe and continue to avoid touching anything with your bare hands. Always have handy-a glove, hand wipe or a kleenex- and use it to open any and ALL doors. Be careful, continue to be diligent and continue to take the precautions necessary to ensure you survive this pandemic.

Continue to pay attention to the updates provided by the news and the governor of your state, they will give us updates, directives and may answer some of the questions that we may have. However, be mindful, that before this pandemic and long, after it is over, there will be questions that we will NEVER have the answers to and What the f@$& is wrong with people? just happens to be one of them.

SHIP TALK: How are you holding up during the shelter in place directives? What are some extra precautions that you are taking?

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  1. Excuse the language of my topic but it is so frustrating the actions of others….I couldn’t find any other word to use. lol

  2. I am certainly praying for your family. I just got home from trying to find something had to go to El Segundo and when they didn’t have it I had to go to Culver City and I was pleasantly pleased to see the streets so empty. Folks are certainly adhering to the directives.

  3. Thank you Valerie, our family members are locked down, and maintaining compliant with the directives. Hubby is considered an essential worker for MTA, they have placed plexiglass around the drivers only patrons can enter back doors no up front setting, gloves mask a mandate for them. Pray for Frederick. Sons I miss 2 out of state one lost his job so tough for him right now. But we are hopeful and look forward to the future. Hope in Jesus

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