“There is nothing as certain as silence, stillness, and solitude to introduce you to the secrets of yourself.” Guy Finley

This Coronavirus is NO joke it’s affecting everything and everyone and is disrupting life as we know it. Almost every city in the Nation has a mandatory “stay at home order” and the ONLY businesses that are allowed to remain open are-grocery stores, farmer’s markets, convenience stores, food banks, take out and delivery restaurants, gas stations, pharmacies, laundromats/laundry services, banks, medical marijuana dispensaries, and governmental offices. Schools are closed. The malls are closed. Gyms are closed. Clothing stores are closed. Everything is closed. The Coronavirus is forcing us to alter the way we live, the way we move and the way we interact with others. But why are some people NOT following these directives? Why is it that people have a hard time, sheltering in place and just being still?

The directive to shelter in place is not a punitive request, it’s for our own good. It’s an attempt to contain the virus by limiting the number of people we come in contact with and limits groups and gathering to 10 people. While waiting in line, we must also remain 6-ft away from each other. These precautions serve as protections for ourselves and others but not everyone is following these directives. Yesterday on the news, they showed hundreds of people at Venice Beach socializing-playing basketball, volleyball, and beer pong. In Florida, thousands of people enjoyed their Spring break on the beach. In the midst of this pandemic, this is selfish, irresponsible, and unacceptable behavior. Why are people NOT taking this virus threat seriously? Why don’t they just stay home and Be Still? “Be Still” means to listen, be calm, stop fighting, relax and accept what is.

Reading a friend’s post on Facebook shed some light on why people can’t be still. Saturday, through several posts, he stated it was the longest day ever and that he was bored. Is that it, boredom? People are bored so they don’t deem it necessary to take these directives seriously. I responded that his Saturday was long because he spent most of his day, through his posts, complaining about it. I challenged him to see the opportunities that the Coronavirus presents. el explained to him that I finally have the opportunity to experience the FULL benefit of what I pay for every month. Now I get to use 100% of the rent, cable, gas, and water. Another perk is that since the virus hit, I’ve been working from home and I get the chance to sleep a little later because now I can wear pajamas to work. See, I know how to Be Still.

People, please take this virus seriously for yourself, your family, and for the safety of others. Limit your outings. If you must go out, maintain the 6 feet distance, handle your business and get back home. Read a book, work on a hobby, develop a hobby, redecorate a room, work out, spend time with your family….use this time to get to know who you are. Bur most importantly, understand that this is NOT a vacation. Instead, it is an opportunity for us to work together to do our part to combat this virus….so adhere to the directives, know GOD’S got this, then just relax and BE STILL!!!

SHIP TALK: What are you doing to keep yourself busy during the quarantine period? Are you bored?

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4 Replies to “BE STILL!!!”

  1. I agree. I am enjoying spending time with my family. With my dad recently passing, this gives me a semi mental break. Stay safe and enjoy your family. Thanks for your support.

  2. You laid it out PERFECTLY!! Someone ask me how we are doing and I replied we are enjoying our home And having great conversation. I am loving working from home! Not having the stress of driving to and from work. Just be still….. ‘tis will pass. God in Control!

  3. I absolutely agree. I am loving it. I have tons of things to do. I always thought that work interferes with life…and now I know

  4. Because I am an inhome caregiver, my life changed drastically a few years ago. For quite some time I often regretted my decision because I was so used to running, keeping up with the fast pace of life. I then started meditating and getting closer to God. I also picked up several hobbies such as gardening, crafting, cooking, and baking. I got back to reading. Today, I wonder how I ever maintained a full job with so much to do. I think that this stay at home is an opportunity to examine one’s self. To spend time with family. To appreciate what we have, be grateful and not take so much for granted.

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