“There is no dignity quite so impressive, and no independence quite so important as living within your means.” Calvin Coolidge

My friends and I have discussed these fictitious scenarios and our responses differ vastly. So, I’m curious as to how you’ll respond to this scenario.

Scenario #2: You’ve been getting to know a gentleman that you met 2 months ago at a community gathering and so far things are going well. You’ve met for coffee a few times at Starbucks and speak on the phone almost daily. You are beginning to catch feelings for ole’ boy. He’s single, no kids and you guys have great conversations that flow freely.

You find this guy has great qualities, is good to look at, and is mentally stimulating. Surprisingly, you have similar views on a variety of subjects, especially the importance of budgeting and saving money. You’ve both discussed the ways you use to save money- catching sales, discount shopping, and using coupon for additional savings.

He finally asked you out on a real dinner date and you are elated. He selects a nice restaurant-Phillipe Chow in Beverly Hills for your first date. On the drive to dinner, the conversation flowed and before you knew it, you had arrived. at the restaurant. The restaurant’s ambiance was beautiful, the food was DELICIOUS and the engaging conversation continued to flow throughout drinks and dinner. You laughed and were having a great time. You were really enjoying this date and his company.

As the evening wrapped up, the bill arrived and you noticed he handed the waiter his credit card and a piece of paper. He explained to the waiter he wanted to also use a “buy one, get one free” coupon that he got from Groupon. The reality is dating is expensive, so do you give a brother a break on saving money or do you give him an attitude?

Personally, using a coupon on the first date wouldn’t bother me because, in my mind, the meal I ate was the ‘buy one” and the one he ate was the “get one free”. But, what would you do or say? Keep in mind that everything you are wearing on the date-shoes, dress, jewelry- you bought at discounted prices. So why should he pay full price to feed your half priced wearing ass? Is that fair?

SHIP TALK: How would you feel if a guy used a coupon on your first date? Would this embarrass you? Would your thought of him change from nice, thoughtful guy to a cheap ass now?  Would you go out with him again or is this a dealbreaker?       



10 Replies to “What IF-Scenario #2-Extreme Couponing”

  1. I am so good with how every he paid. Groupons, coupon, buy one get one free. It is expensive out there any discount helps. Who would any sense would judge this. Bring the freebies on lol

  2. Embarrassed over using a coupon at a pricey eatery? Hell no! I would not be. We would both be smiling and enjoying each other’s company and full as ticks.

  3. I would love it! Dating is expensive. He wanted to show me a good time within his budget and chose me to use his group on on. I would treat him next time to something with a coupon. We can usually afford to do extravagant things but to double the price can cause havoc with our finances. I say kudos to his creativity.

  4. Groupon is the bomb!! They have a host of good deals. I actually purchased this coupon to Phillipe Chows and it was DELICIOUS.

  5. I would be fine with him using a coupon. Especially since you were at a Beverly Hills restaurant. I’m surprise a Beverly Hills restaurant even was on Groupon.

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