“Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.” Oprah Winfrey

From having conversations with my grandparents, and watching documentaries, I’ve always known that America has had its share of turbulent times. But, I never thought I’d experience any turbulence in America but boy was I wrong. When the country changed leaderSHIP 4 years ago, things changed, and almost immediately, America became hostile and stressful. Within the orange guy’s first few months in office, it was obvious that we were headed for a bumpy 4-year ride. From the start, his strategy was to divide and conquer. With his racist rhetoric, he divided the country and seized every opportunity to openly espouse hate with his race-baiting comments. He put party over country, by not denouncing the unequal and unfair treatment of various ethnic groups, and he constantly belittles and denigrates women. It was apparent, under his leaderSHIP, navigating STRESSFUL TIMES would become America’s newest pastime. Do you think we are living inSTRESSFUL TIMES? Have you felt relaxed during the past few years? I haven’t. I can’t remember a time when I’ve felt secure or relaxed with this orange dude leading. So for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about living in STRESSFUL TIMES!!!

During the last election, I fell asleep before the results were counted and awoke to the nightmare that the orange guy had won. How could someone with no political experience and no leaderSHIP abilities win the highest office in the land? That question was answered when it was revealed that he ONLY won because another country interfered with our election. Even before he was elected, I was ALREADY tired of hearing his voice, his lies, and his hurling of insults. I was ALREADY sick of the constant media coverage and his dumb-ass remarks and under his leaderSHIP, I ALREADY knew we’d constantly experience STRESSFUL TIMES and indeed we ARE. The fears of contracting and dying from the Coronavirus, unable to visit hospitalized loved ones, unemployment, evictions, no income, uncertainty about stimulus money, working from home WITH the kids since they can’t go to school, civil unrest, police brutality, increase in racism and hate crimes, sheltering in place-are ALL viable factors that contribute to these STRESSFUL TIMES. We can’t afford to have a leader who irresponsibly creates STRESSFUL TIMES that cause hardships for millions of Americans. We need a change, so when you cast your vote on election day, vote his orange azz out!!!

Let’s send the message that Americans are tired of living in these STRESSFUL TIMES. Let’s restore America to a sense of normalcy and morality by casting our votes against him. Instead, cast your vote to replace hate with love. Cast your vote to replace confusion with peace. Cast your vote to replace lies with truths. Cast your vote to replace biases with justice and equality. Americans need an opportunity to de-stress and relax, so vote to replace the orange dude by casting your vote for Joe Biden– a leader who can get us through these STRESSFUL TIMES!!! VOTE BLUE!!! Make your voice heard!!! VOTE BIDEN!!!

SHIP TALK: Do you feel like these are STRESSFUL TIMES? Why?

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2 Replies to “STRESSFUL TIMES”

  1. I haven’t watched the coverage yet either. I will be watching when I get off work though. I am joining you in prayer. Thanks for subscribing. Share with your friends that you think would enjoy it.

  2. Excellent blog. I’m reading this on election day. I can’t even watch the coverage I’m so stressed out. I’ve been praying for a week. Praying that the lord hears our prayers and get rid of the cancer that has infected our country and allow the disease of hatred to ooze out and infect our land. Believe me I am under no elusion that racism started with him but it has NEVER been this bad with a white supremacist leader verbally and boldly inciting violence. God help us 🇺🇸 all.

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