“Thankfulness is the quickest path to joy.” Jefferson Bethke

Typically, November is viewed as the month of THANKFULNESS.  It’s a time when we give THANKS for the blessings that we’ve experienced throughout the year. And despite the many tragic occurrences in 2020, there are STILL plenty of reasons we can find to be THANKFULI know I CAN!!  Can you?  Even if it’s as simple as beingTHANKFUL for life and breathe, it’s STILL a very good reason to be THANKFUL. In a few weeks, if GOD says the same, I’ll be blessed to celebrate another year of life and for that I AM THANKFULI AM THANKFUL for my family. I AM THANKFUL for GOD’s mercies and grace. I AM THANKFUL for the 74 MILLION Americans that voted for change and I AM THANKFUL for you reading this.  What are you THANKFUL for? For this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about a few of the reasons why I AM THANKFUL.

I AM THANKFUL for my family. Personally, these past few months have been difficult, but, I still found plenty of reasons to be THANKFUL.  After being hospitalized for several months, my father passed away in February and my family members from all over the country gathered to lay him to rest. Two weeks later, after they made it back safely to their various destinations, the pandemic hit. The world stopped. No hospital visits. No funeral services. Even in the midst of grieving my father, I found myself being THANKFUL THANKFUL he passed away before the Coronavirus emerged. THANKFUL that we were able to gather as a family to say our goodbyes to the MAN WE CALLED DADDY.

I AM THANKFUL that last week, I was able to see my brother Chris who because of the pandemic, I hadn’t seen since March 9th.  Eighteen years ago, my brother was hit by a car and left for dead, he lost the use of his legs and has lived in a skilled nursing facility ever since. In August, he was hospitalized with pneumonia and eventually had a trach put in. Even though we couldn’t visit, I AM THANKFUL we were able to face-time him weekly. In mid-October, after being hospitalized for 2 months, he was released and transferred to a new facility-a subacute care unit. I AM THANKFUL that in his new facility, we are now able to visit. I’ll admit after 7 months of not seeing him, I was nervous and didn’t know medically what to expect. But, he looks FANTASTIC.  He had lost some much-needed weight and hadn’t looked that good in years. Although unable to speak because of the trach, he is alert and attentive. He responded to our questions with nods, thumbs up, and smiles. I AM THANKFUL to GOD for taking care of him and I AM THANKFUL for his continuing progress.

This year, through a series of racial and biased events, it was revealed that AMERICA’S BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN DEEP. But after this election, for the first time in a long while, I can honestly say that I AM THANKFUL to be an American. I AM  THANKFUL that this election MAKES IT MAKE SENSE for me because it validated the level of disgust and discontent American’s had with its current leaderSHIP. I AM THANKFUL to have been one of the 74 MILLION  Americans that got into GOOD TROUBLE  and through our vote, demanded change. I AM THANKFUL that Americans banned together to express their discontentment and voted his ORANGE AZZ OUT. I AM THANKFUL that Kamala Harris, an African-American woman, as Vice President gives young – Black, White, Indian, and Asian– little girls hopes, and dreams of an America that is filled with endless possibilities. I AM THANKFUL and excited about the possibilities and opportunities that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will bring to this country.

I AM THANKFUL that this contentious election is over and that the Biden-Harris ticket WON. I AM THANKFUL that for the first time in 4 years, under this new leaderSHIP, we will no longer be living in such chaotic and STRESSFUL TIMES. I, along with 74 MILLION other Americans are looking forward to the time when we once again are able to peacefully relax and experience some semblance of NORMALCY in our lives, and for this…. WE ARE EXTREMELY THANKFUL!!!

SHIP TALK: What are you thankful for? Why?

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6 Replies to “I AM THANKFUL”

  1. I’m grateful and thankful for all the blessing that the Lord bestowed upon us. We didn’t deserve it but he did. Thanks and Love you for your words of encouragement!

  2. Lori, I believe the same thing. I am looking forward to Biden containing and ridding the US of this virus. GOD is faithful!

  3. All the earth breathed a sigh of relief after Saturday’s results. Corona Virus is the embodiment of the toxins that this country suffered under the soon-to-be-over administration. I believe that as soon as 45 gets out, COVID19 will disappear! So happy to turn the page. It’s been a rough year, but MY GOD IS faithful!

  4. I AM THANKFUL for my family, friends, and acquaintances, because they strengthen me, even at times I’m not aware my energy is drained! I AM THANKFUL for God’s abundance of love, grace, peace, and faith… I can honestly say though I’ve slacked willfully, he has never given up on me! I AM THANKFUL that today is a renew of possibilities, yesterday is gone, and tomorrow isn’t promised, but what I learn from yesterday will help me with today, and hopefully make tomorrow better!

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