“Not to SPOIL the ending for you, But everything is going to be okay”. Alfie Deyes

A pastime of mine is watching reality shows. My favorites are Big Brother, Survivor, Amazing Race, and Married At First Sight. I love watching these shows. It’s fascinating watching these people unravel on national TV.  They put themselves out there for us to like or dislike and all season we watch and wonder who will win, or if they’ll stay married. But sometimes, I want to know what’s happening next NOW. When it’s a Head of Household competition cliff hanger on Big Brother, I want to know who won HOH now before next week’s show.  Or because the dude is such a Jerk on Married At First Sight, I want to know if they’ve divorced before the decision-making ceremony airs, so I find out. When I want to know what’s going to happen next on my shows, I read the SPOILER ALERT sites to find the answers. Which led me to think, wouldn’t it be interesting if there were SPOILER ALERTS for our life?  Wouldn’t it be fantastic to know the outcomes of a particular situation even before it manifests itself? I contend we already DO!! I believe that our lives are filled with SPOILER ALERTS. So for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about the SPOILER ALERTS in our lives!!!

A SPOILER ALERT is a reviewer’s warning that a plot SPOILER is about to be revealed. It’s when someone reveals details about something that is going to happen to someone who may or may not want to know what’s about to occur. But when you’ve been warned they are going to reveal the information, that’s considered a SPOILER ALERT. Imagine if we could read a blurb, a SPOILER ALERT that would tell us how we’d fare in 2021? Wouldn’t that be nice? Even if we did have this capability, we’d find a way to screw it up by trying to alter its course. As I continued to ponder the thought of having the ability to look ahead, I realized that we DO. We ABSOLUTELY have the ability to look ahead and forecast our future but first, it requires that we make some decisions. We must decide how we will use this information. Will we accept the information or will we reject it? It’s important because our response to this decision can and will impact our future. The decision we make will also be reflected and revealed through our actions and our behaviors. Our SPOILER ALERT is crafted by our actions and behaviors. How will your SPOILER ALERT read?

As I continued to reflect on some of the SPOILER ALERTS that I had previously read, I recalled that much like our lives, they had a plot and a climax too. The plotis the story, and more specifically, how the story develops unfolds, and moves on. I realized that we already had instructions on which elements should be included in the plot of our SPOILER ALERT. The 5th chapter of Galatians sums up nine attributes that a person and/or a community that desires to live in accordance with the Holy Spirit must possess. “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. These 9 attributes are called the “Fruits of the Holy Spirits” and are instrumental keys that should be woven into our daily lives because they are the plot for our SPOILER ALERT. Do you possess any of these attributes? Are you loving and joyful? Do you practice being peaceful? Do you always exercise patience? Do you show kindness to your family? to others? During these uncertain and perilous times, we should be using these attributes every day to encourage, comfort, motivate, and uplift ourselves and others. Especially now because people need to hear a SPOILER ALERT, so share one with them.

Friday, I had a meeting with a parent and I had the opportunity to do just that. When I inquired how she was doing, she responded that “2021 seems like it’s going to be like 2020, horrible.” I knew that last year, she’d lost her BFF unexpectedly, and 2 months later durig Thanksgiving, her mother passed. She shared that now her sister was battling colon cancer and the prognosis wasn’t looking good. As I listened, I sensed the overwhelmedness in her voice and seized the opportunity to comfort her, so I shared a few SPOILER ALERTS with her. I assured and reminded her that everything was going to be okay. I shared with her a SPOILER ALERT ……that GOD will never LEAVE her or FORSAKE her. I shared the SPOILER ALERT ….. that GOD will put no more on us than we can bear. I shared the SPOILER ALERT…..that despite appearances, GOD will take care of us. Afterwards, I could hear the lightness in her voice. She needed to hear a SPOILER ALERT and a reassurance that everything would be alright.

The truth is that we’ve always had the ability to forecast our future. But in order to activate this power, we must make the decision to accept that the Bible is the ONLY accurate source that can offer a true SPOILER ALERT in our lives. Because only HIS word can give us the assurances that if we followed them will reveal how our lives can and will be. GOD’s SPOILER ALERT assures us that we will have life and have it more abundantly. It assures us that the peace of GOD will surpass all understanding. It assures us that whosoever believes in the SON shall have eternal life. It assures us we shall fear no evil because HIS rod and THY staff will comfort us. It assures us that we are MORE than conquerors. Galatians provided the plot but it is Matthew 6:33 that provides the climax to GOD’s SPOILER ALERT. It instructs us that if we seek the Kingdom of GOD FIRST, and HIS righteousness and all these things shall be added until thee…… now that a SPOILER ALERT. If you wanna know what’s happening next, or what’s ahead…here’s a SPOILER ALERT….. Trust GOD!!!


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  1. Excellent Blog. I don’t read spoiler alerts but I surly am in tune with my behaviors and the Holy Spirt surly tugs me when I am walk-in outside the Fruit of the Spirit. Love this blog. Thanks for sharing.

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