“A father holds his daughters hand for a short while, but he holds her heart forever.” Unknown

Today marks the FIRST anniversary (if that’s the correct term) of my father’s death and I miss everything about him. I miss …his voice, his smile, his praise, and his chastisement.   I miss him more than words can express.  Not a day goes by when I don’t think about him or have to use some of the wisdom he imparted just to get through the day. Every day when I walk past his picture, I say good morning and good night and when I listen with my heart, I can hear him say it right back. Yeah, I miss my daddy, and getting through this year, without him has been a struggle. Thus to get me through my FIRST year without my daddy,  I began to reminisce on all the FIRSTS that we’d experienced together.   So for this week’s blog, Imma talk SHIP about the MAN I STILL CALL DADDY and some of the many FIRSTS that we’ve shared together.  

Typically, a girl’s FIRST impression of a man is who she sees and knows her father/daddy to be. Unfortunately, not all little girls are fortunate enough to have a daddy.  Sure everyone has a biological father but a daddy is a man who stays in a child’s life and establishes a relationSHIP regardless of life’s circumstances.  A daddy is usually your FIRST everything.  I know mine was.  My daddy was the FIRST man that I fell in love with, especially at FIRST sight.  My daddy was the FIRST man to comfort me and reassure me that things would work themselves out even when I couldn’t see how.  My daddy was the FIRST man that believed in me and told me that I could do and be anything I wanted. My daddy was the FIRST man to show me how a woman should be treated through his interactions with my mother. My daddy was the FIRST man who taught me that when he said “NO” he was being protective, not punitive. My daddy was the FIRST man to provide me with a sense of security, both physically and emotionally. My daddy was the FIRST man to tell me that he was proud of me, even when I didn’t win or achieve a goal. My daddy was the FIRST man to introduce me to GOD. My daddy was the FIRST man to demonstrate the importance of faith. My daddy was the FIRST man who instructed me to “take the LORD with me everywhere I go” cause he knew I’d need HIM. Yes, my daddy and I, through every stage of development, have shared many wonderful FIRSTS.

No one lives forever and my father was no exception but Lord knows I miss him. Honestly, I am thankful to GOD for allowing me to have him for as long as HE did. I am immensely thankful he passed before the virus started and that we were able to celebrate his life in a homegoing ceremony, but I just wish we had a little bit more time. Time for- more I love you’s, more talks, more hugs, and more FIRSTS. My father and I have shared some wonderful FIRSTS and I will forever treasure them in my heart. But, while fondly recalling our many FIRSTS, I discovered that when he passed away, I experienced another FIRST– my FIRST BROKEN HEART!!!

Deacon Daddy, I am grateful for the lessons in love and life that you so freely shared. Continue to rest in love and know that we love you and you will ALWAYS be the wind beneath our wings…….

SHIP TALK: Have you lost a parent? How did you handle your FIRST? If you have, know that I am praying for you.

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6 Replies to “FIRSTS”

  1. Lori, I am so glad that I’ve always known that and was able to share how lucky I felt with him. Thanks for reading.

  2. Men have to want to be daddies. Your father nor my father had a manual. They chose it and love every bit of being one. I appreciate your support.

  3. Thank you for sharing. It speaks volumes. A wonderful glimpse as we look inside the heart and love ❤️ of your dad. I wish that all men struggling to be the best dad they can be, could read this blog. I thank God for my dad too.

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