“Strive to find things to be thankful for, and just look for the good in who you are.” -Bethany Hamilton

I love the month of November for two REASONS: it’s my birthday month (WOOHOO) and because it tis the season to be thankful.   What is thankfulness? Thankfulness is an emotion we express when something good happens to us.  It’s how we show others we appreciate them. Remember as kids when someone gave us candy, or a birthday gift we were taught to say thank you? Do we still practice thankfulness?  If not, we should. Because despite the world’s chaos AND the chaos in our own personal lives, there are still plenty of REASONS why we should be thankful.  Sure, things may not be perfect, or the situation we are in may not be ideal, but there are ALWAYS REASONS to be thankful. What are some of the REASONS that you are thankful?  Chile, I have a bunch and am still discovering more!!  But is being thankful enough? Hmmmm….I don’t know, let’s find our together. So, for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about the REASONS why being thankful may not be enough!!!

Since people aren’t giving us candy or gifts every day it’s hard to find REASONS for us to be thankful. Or is it?   Being thankful is situational, it’s based on a temporary occurrence.  Thankfulness is not the REASON we develop positive mindsets because being thankful by itself doesn’t equip us to deal with those not so thankful moments that we’ll eventually experience. Thankfulness only teaches us how to respond in favorable situations and when good things happen, but it doesn’t teach us how to cope when things aren’t good. Thankfulness is an emotion, and it is NOT enough, to sustain us when we encounter tough times. We need more to live positive lives. We need gratitude. Gratitude is the REASON that we can experience thankfulness consistently because it is an attitude, it’s a mindset. Gratitude enables us to develop a sense of thankfulness that can be applied in any situation or circumstances. The REASON is because mentally we understand that gratitude it is a CHOICE!!! We understand our ability to choose the outcome of any situation. The type of day we’ll have regardless of what the day brings. We can choose to be thankful and appreciate living life as it comes, OR NOT. The choice is ours to make.

However, gratitude doesn’t mean that we will always about being happy, on the contrary. Gratitude is about being thankful and content- both physically and mentally– with what’s happening in our lives-good or bad. We’ve all had hurdles that we’ve had to overcome that seemed like we’d never get over them, but we did.  And with each one of those hurdles, REASONS why we should be grateful were revealed.   Things may not be perfect in our lives or may not have worked out the way we had hoped, but still there are still plenty of REASONS for us to be grateful.  Consistently being thankful for who and what’s happening in our lives- GOD’S love, our family, friends, pets, freedom, home, health, employment, are all REASONS that will lead us in developing an attitude of gratitude.  Yet, the most important REASON to be grateful for is-YOU.  Recognizing and believing that you are more than a conqueror who is fearfully and wonderfully made by GOD, will empower you to understand that you deserve to not only enjoy life but to feel grateful for everything and everyone in it.  Because being consistently thankful is the REASON why we’ll experience gratitude!!!

Wishing you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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