Let me say that things have been hectic but in a good way. The last couple of weekends, I have been busy with my new card line, nappyXpressionz, and have gotten behind with my blog post. Today, I attended a jazz festival where we served as a vendor selling our cards, and it was busy and successful. I thought I’d have a chance to fluff out something I’ve wanted to post tonight, but I didn’t.

I missed posting last week and unfortunately, going to miss posting tonight. Sure, I have a host of topics, but they aren’t posting ready, and I can’t do that. Instead, I’m going to create a BALANCE that will allow me to work on both-the cards and the blog. Since both of them are my passions, I need to develop a system where I’m able to allocate the time, each passion needs. The solution may be as simple as switching the day I post I am going to spend this week, assessing what works best for me. Thanks so much for reading my blog post and I appreciate your patience as I define my BALANCE!! I miss your comments so look out for my post one day next week!!

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