“Don’t GO through life, GROW through life.” Eric Butterworth

Last week while sweeping the floor, I was planning my day’s activities and decided not to do something that I would normally do.   It wasn’t anything major but not doing it would save me time and money. Because the change was for the better after I finalized my decision not to, I remarked out loud “that’s GROWTH”. Have you ever reflected on how much you’ve personally GROWN?  If you have, did you stop to pat yourself on the back? If not, you should of because even life’s small moments are worthy of a celebration. Recognizing that people achieve some level of GROWTH every day, I began to ponder why we don’t celebrate minor achievements and accomplishments as if they were major ones. Especially since everyday people resist the urge to do something –to overeat, to smoke, to drink, to do drugs, to be argumentative, to have an attitude, to be angry, to get out of bed, etc. – which already makes their daily effort, a major accomplishment. Although these small feats go unnoticed by others, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate our own PERSONAL GROWTH. These small spurts of PERSONAL GROWTH give us the motivation to continue and that get us closer to our goal. The very thought of change combined with the action to change, in itself should be a celebratory moment. Are you experiencing PERSONAL GROWTH in some area of your life? I AM!!!! So for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about PERSONAL GROWTH!!!      

Making a cognizant decision to become a better person not only benefits us but those around us too and is undeniably one of the most important and beneficial commitments that we can make to and for ourselves. So, what is PERSONAL GROWTH?    Webster’s Dictionary defines GROWTH as a stage in the process of growing; progressive development.  Whereas, PERSONAL GROWTH is the ongoing process of understanding and developing ourselves in order to achieve our fullest and highest potential.   PERSONAL GROWTH is the foundation of our emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual health.    It affords us the opportunity to explore, and to become the best possible version of ourselves. It affects every single aspect of our life and as we grow on a personal level, our views about life grow too.   PERSONAL GROWTH is empowering and gives us permission to put ourselves first.  It can change our attitude toward ourselves and others. It can help us grow emotionally, and mentally.  It can help us to become more considerate, loving, and positive. PERSONAL GROWTH is more than a thought. It’s more than lip service. It’s a journey that requires hard work and decisive actions.

To experience successful PERSONAL GROWTH, we must possess the motivation, the desire to improve, and the willingness to strive to make changes.  For instance, if the issue is with anger, the willingness to control the anger would be the first step toward overcoming that issue. If it’s a negative view of others or of life, changing our negative thoughts to positive thoughts would reshape our view of the world. PERSONAL GROWTH keeps us accountable. It accepts that we are NOT responsible for the actions and the decisions of others but instead holds us liable for our response to those actions. PERSONAL GROWTH dictates that we accept things as they are, not how we think they should be. It’s an evolving and continuous process that forces us to get out of our comfort zone and do things that may be uncomfortable but is good for us. PERSONAL GROWTH is the celebration of US!!! It celebrates who we were, who we are, who we’ve become, and who we are becoming.

True PERSONAL GROWTH is simply a faith-filled journey that acknowledges LIFE as being a series of moments worthy of a celebration where we can DETERMINE IF our moments will be – Meaningful, OR Magical What’s your choice? Keep the faith and journey on!! Join me as I raise my glass to celebrate our commitment to achieving PERSONAL GROWTH!!!

SHIP TALK: Have you experienced and PERSONAL GROWTH moments today?

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7 Replies to “PERSONAL GROWTH”

  1. That is truly a beautiful thing coming from you. You have endured more than most these past few years and resilient is the best description that I can give you. Continue to make that commitment to personal growth every day. I have to. I have to keep pouring into self because people are always trying to deplete the resource. I’m so glad you enjoy the blog. I love sharing my unique opinions and impressions, so it means the world to me that it is appreciated.

  2. First let me say how much I truly enjoy reading your weekly blog posts. They’re always filled with great information and thought provoking questions.

    In response to My personal growth moment for today, and perhaps everyday, is self awareness. Part of my being self aware allows me to look inward, reflect, and use discernment when making conscious decisions.

  3. Love this! Everyday I open my eyes I look for something to learn! It’s like a sickness of mine almost and I actually need more than one thing 😂😂
    I’m a sponge for knowledge no matter where it comes from 🦋

  4. Great blog Valerie. Personal growth. Taking baby steps to accomplish something new, staying on course with your goal and celebrating your accomplishments. Celebrate no matter how small or large and if we missed the mark celebrate your re assessment of self and keep it moving. I’m inspired by your blog today.

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