“Love is a game where one can play alone. But, a partnerSHIP is a game where two can play and BOTH can win.” Anonymous

This week, my blog post is prompted by a post I saw on a friend’s Facebook page.  When I read it, my immediate thoughts were of teamwork or a partnerSHIP.   Despite it being basic and simplistic, to me, it made a bold statement about the importance of partnerSHIPS, which I found refreshing. Especially since we live in a “what have you done for me lately?” or “what you gonna do for me?” kind of world. It evoked an image of a strong couple working together as partners. It sorta had that “it takes two to make a thing go right” vibe. And I agreed with its statements because I believe that both a relationSHIP and a partnerSHIP, require that everyone does their part, and carries their own weight. Do you agree? Do you believe in partnerSHIPS? I certainly DO!!! But forging them isn’t easy. Are you in a relationSHIP? OR Are you in a partnerSHIP? Is there a difference between the two? Let’s find out. For this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about the differences between a relationSHIP and a partnerSHIP!!!

RelationSHIPS are those significant experiences we have with people that eventually either -fizzle out or turn into something great-like a partnerSHIP.   Although relationSHIPS are complex, they are also the ONLY path that can lead to a partnerSHIP.   RelationSHIPS are in essence, the building blocks for a successful partnerSHIP. A partnerSHIP is formed when two individuals while navigating obstacle courses in their relationSHIP discover that they are supportive of each other, trust each other, and want to continue to overcome life’s hurdles and decide they want to continue growing together.  When a couple is able to maneuver and sail through obstacles within their relationSHIPS and land on something they realize is stronger than just a relationSHIP, the foundation has been set for an effective partnerSHIP

PartnerSHIPS aren’t based on feelings because, within the relationSHIP, these feelings have already been identified, established, and solidified. A partnerSHIP is forged when two people acknowledge their existing feelings and are willing to work to prove- to each other- how real those feelings actually are. Whereas, relationSHIPS are about seeking pleasure.  People enter them in hopes of escaping their pain and fear– of loneliness, of rejection, and of inadequacy.  PartnerSHIPS aren’t about pleasure. They are about respect, compromise, understanding, and communication, that is grounded in unwavering trust.  A partnerSHIP is not just about the trust and honesty that exist between two people, it’s also about sharing the trust and honesty we’ve acquired through the relationSHIP we’ve experienced with ourselves.  

Everyone wants to be in a relationSHIPS or a partnerSHIP, including me.  But, the harsh reality is that NOT all relationSHIPS will lead to partnerSHIPS.  As unfortunate as that may seem, it’s true. Effective partnerSHIPS take time, practice, and complete trust. They are formed as a result of both – the positive and negative -experiences shared within a relationSHIP. So, in my opinion, there is certainly a difference between a relationSHIP and a partnerSHIP, the irony is………….you can’t have one without the other.

Knowing this why would anyone waste time in a relationSHIP that ISN’T sailing toward a partnerSHIP? Why? Be intentional about dating. Do you until you meet that special boo!! Being alone can sometimes stink, but not if we use that alone time to work out our kinks. So, in your next relationSHIP, be mindful that in order to reach that partnerSHIP status……Rob Base said it best because it really does “take two to make a thing go right” !!!

The author of this Facebook post is unknown. After you read it, I would love to hear your thoughts, so please share your opinion. Is this a partnerSHIP or a relationSHIP?

If he is paying the rent, I’m paying utilities ‼️

If he paying the car note, I’m paying insurance ‼️

If he washing the dishes, I’m cooking ‼️

If he is paying for the movies, I’m buying the snacks ‼️

If he is washing the clothes, I’m gonna fold them ‼️

If he is sweeping the floor, I’m gonna mop it ‼️

If he is paying for dinner,  I’m leaving the tip ‼️

Are these relationSHIP activities or are they partnerSHIP activities? What do you think? This describes how I would respond in a partnerSHIP. So for me, these are partnerSHIP activities. Share your thoughts!!!!

SHIP TALK:   Is this a partnerSHIP or a relationSHIP? 

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