“I am convinced that life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude”. Charles Swindoll

What is an attitude? They are mental positions that we assume or learn. Attitude is simply how we feel. Attitudes are our personal beliefs toward something or someone and are usually expressed in the forms of likes and dislikes. Although we can’t change the past hurts or the fact that people will act in a way that we may not like, we have a CHOICE every day regarding the attitude that we will embrace for that day.

But are we aware of how our attitude influences and impacts our behavior and the attitude and behaviors of others? A bad attitude can suck the life out of a room. It can make or break a company, a church, a home, and a family. It can totally destroy a life.

Personal and professional success can be achieved through a number of factors: preparation, opportunity, determination, perseverance, faith, and some luck. However, you can acquire all of these things but if you have a negative/bad attitude, you more than likely won’t fully experience true success.

Do you have an attitude? To have an attitude is difficult to define and sometimes we are unaware that we even have one but it ussually means that you are behaving disrespectfully. Do you have an attitude? w

If it seems like good things aren’t happening for you, maybe you should check your attitude. Is it negative? check yourself before you wreck yourself.

The relationship between attitude and behavior can best be explained by the Betari Box Model, This model helps us to understand the impact that OUR own attitudes and behavicrs have on the attitudes and behaviors of those around us.

The Netari Box model infers that: My Behavior




4 Replies to “LOSE THE ATTITUDE?”

  1. Diana, you got it. I too had a bad attitude but when you are in a TRUE relationSHIP with GOD, it is kind of hard to be a negative person. True relationSHIP means we spend our days brightening the days of others. I try to check myself if I see me slipping. A bad attitude is ugly and puts us in a bad light. Thanks for reading my post.

  2. I make a conscious decision to have a positive attitude, every day. There’s so many good things (blessings) that a person can find throughout the day. Each day is a gift and I make sure I recognize them as such. If I’m not feeling well or am upset or angry about something or someone, I simply put those feelings aside at the moment so that I am not ruining a good time for those around me. Now I must admit, years ago, I have been a thorn in someone’s side because I had a bad attitude, but as I mature and rely on God even more, I’ve learned that it’s not about me. I give every situation to the Lord for Him to work out or correct. If I detect someone is tripping (bad attitude) I ignore them and refuse to entertain their negative energy. I love having a good time with Family and Friends, that are happy to be together and enjoy each other’s company.
    Life is not long enough to miss opportunities and blessings because of someone else’s issues.
    I’ve missed events and moments that I can NEVER get back, because of someone’s insecurities and bad attitudes.
    I can’t say it’ll never happen to me again, but it happen by any of the same individuals if I can help it.

  3. Carolyn, you are on point. I, too have had a bad attitude and even some days I’ll have one now. Yet, I’ve learned that Life is to be lived and as we go further and further down our journey, in order to receive the good parts of life, we have to shed layers. I believe that every step that we take, is an educational experience and as we learn the lessons from that particular experience, we have to shed limiting thoughts of ourselves and repaint the negative images and replacing them with images of forgiveness. Forgiveness of self and others. I appreciate you and may GOD continue to bless you. I know I have a very unique way of thinking about things and I really appreciate you getting it…lol. I’m waiting for your blog…..LOL

  4. I was thinking there has been times that I have displayed a bad attitude in my younger years. I admit I was stubborn and did not want others to tell me what to do. When I reflect back many issues contributed to my bad attitude. Being molested at a young age, abused by my first husband physically and mentally did not help. But, as we mature and change our perception and stop playing the victim we begin living differently. I decided to change my sorrow and pain into positive behaviors. I believe God turned my whole body mind and soul towards him and begin to show me who I am in him and he begin to define me. The cloak of pity pealed off. I stop being drab and sprinkled some joy where ever I go. I am 61 now and what I have learned, is bad behavior is deeply rooted and until you choose to root it out it will remain. It so nice to be set free. Learn to love yourself will change that negative behavior. But you much chose to change. Great blog Valerie

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