“No storm can last forever. It will never rain 365 days consecutively. Keep in mind that trouble comes to pass, not to stay. Don’t worry! No storm, not even the one in your life, can last forever. ”    Iyanla Vanzant

Have you ever been in the midst of a storm-a health storm, a financial storm, a relationSHIP storm? Storms often arise at the worse times in our lives and without notice which makes them difficult to prepare for. But, when they hit, how do we respond? Do we quiver over what we lost OR are we grateful for what remains? Usually, we respond to storms with panic and fear but is that an appropriate response? Is it possible to have peace and experience gratefulness while in the midst of a storm? Truth is that even in the midst of a storm, despite its appearance, its category type, its name, and our inability to prevent its wreckage, we CAN STILL experience an overwhelming feeling of peace and gratefulness. But, how?

Weather forecasters give great advice on how to prepare us for an impending storm. They suggest we follow tv and radio reports, restock and stock up on food, water, medications, etc. But weather forecasters are ill-equipped to render advice on how to mentally and emotionally prepare for the storms of LIFE. So how do we prepare? I started whatstheship.com to examine and to discuss an array of relationSHIPS that we experience-those with ourselves and those with others. But, the most important relationSHIP that we will EVER have is our relationSHIP with GOD. Because it is my belief that GOD is the ANSWER and the SOLUTION to EVERY life storm that we will EVER encounter.  

It’s inevitable, everyone will experience some type of storm in their life, but the good news is we don’t have to go through them alone. Because throughout GOD’S WORD, HE reaffirms constantly that HE is our helpmate in our times of troubles (and a storm is certainly trouble). Isaiah 43:2  tells us “When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.” In this scripture, HE confirms that HE is in relationSHIP with us when trouble arises and that itself should give us peace, comfort, and a sense of gratefulness in the midst of life’s storms.

Much like you, I too experience storms but I refuse to focus on them or their potential devastation. Instead, I choose to swim in a pool of gratefulness when the storm hits. Despite my MANY wants, I gratefully realize my needs are met. Despite my family and me having medical issues, I am grateful that we are alive. Despite the many roles that I juggle on a daily basis, I am grateful for the ability to juggle. Despite the reality that my cup has NOT yet runneth over, I am grateful that I have a cup. Despite the lack that exists in areas of my life, I am grateful for the abundance in other areas. I replace any and all drowning storm-like thoughts with thoughts of gratitude because GOD is truly, truly worthy to be praised. HIS NAME alone evokes comfort and peace. 

No matter if you’ve just gone through a storm, are in a storm now or feel like a storm is lurking on the horizon, just KNOW that through EVERY storm of life, you are NOT alone because GOD is with you. Know that you are spiritually equipped to survive the storms in your life and that every storm you survive will only make you stronger. Having survived storm after storm, I’ve discovered through GOD that I am  STORM resistant. So the next time you feel a storm brewing, don’t panic just remember WHO you belong to and that HE is with you in the midst of your storm.

SHIP TALK: What kinds of storms have you experienced? How did you weather it?

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6 Replies to “IN THE MIDST OF A STORM”

  1. Just as Carolyn, I too had cancer. I remember a minor symptom, but God put it in my spirit to go have a biopsy. I went to the doctor and they didn’t want to biopsy it, saying I was too young for it to be anything serious, it was probable just hormones, I was 41 at the time. I insisted on the biopsy. I remember being told I had cancer, and to come in right away. I too was spared from chemo and radiation due to early detection, stage 1 cancer. I had a minor surgery, but was told I needed a major surgery because they couldn’t get all the cancer. Being an RN, I read my pathology reports of the type of cancer tissue, had an ultrasound 2 days prior to major surgery, marking the cancer areas., and two days later was the surgery. The next morning the assisting surgeon had never met me, and said he wanted to make sure they had operated on the right person, because while I was under they sent the organ tissue to pathology to see if more needed to be removed and they couldn’t find the cancer. They couldn’t explain it! I told him it was God! I had to trust God, Jesus, to carry me through the storm, and that he did! No words can truly explain that type of peace. That storm was 17 years ago and I am doing very well being cancer free. God is the calm through every storm. I pray others know Him, Jesus, before the storm may hit. God is worth the Praise! Love you Val! Great blog!!!

  2. I sure will stand with your in prayer. God bless you and continue to establish the work of your hands Jesus is Lord

  3. Carolyn, GOD can move mountains. I am so happy that you are cancer-free. I know you know through this experience that we face NO storms alone. GOD has prepared us by HIM going through it first. Thanks so much for reading my blog. I appreciate it. Pray with me that it grows and I can do this for a living.

  4. I really love this blog. It show how much strength we have through Christ Jesus. God is our source of peace and calms the storm while we weather through it. I loved this statement by you Val: “Despite the reality that my cup has NOT yet runneth over, I am grateful that I have a cup.” I believe this is so important, being grateful. It is easy to dwell on the storm ands it’s devastation, but it takes ones strength and endurance to see the cup. In 2015 I was diagnosed with cancer, it was very difficult I ranted, raved, kicked and screamed. One day, I heard the Lord say, “I have healed you from all sickness and disease.” I latched on claimed it. I believed God. My results: stage 1 encapsulated no radiation or chemo necessary. God placed the doctor who found the cancer in my life. I watched God move my appointment for surgery to the top of the list with a physician that’s hard to schedule with. And 6 years later I am able to speak to a very good friend with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I believe we must learn to be grateful in our storms, because once it’s passed we are stronger. Equip me Lord. Now, I have shared this with a few close friends. Valarie thank you for opening the door through your blog. I love you ❤️ great post, great example as well.

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