I’m super down with being irresponsible. I’m just trying to make sure my lack of responsibility no longer hurts other people. Ezra Miller

Politically this past week was very, very interesting. As painful as it was to watch, last Tuesday was the first presidential debate held between Trump and Biden. It was a one-sided shit show of epic proportions where nothing was accomplished, let alone debated. Trump ranted and raved and acted like he was running for the president of a kindergarten class NOT a country. His constant interruptions, in an attempt to talk over Biden, was annoying and childish. He even mocked Biden for always wearing a face mask, which makes NO sense since we are in the midst of a deadly pandemic. Trump stated he wears a mask sometimes BUT every time you see Biden he has a big ole mask on and it is unnecessary. Well, that comment like most of his dumb-ass comments would quickly come back to bite him in his orange ass. Because a few days later, he was airlifted to Walter Reed Hosptial where he was hospitalized with Covid-19 symptoms.  Say What? Yep, you read right. Trump’s LEVEL OF IRRESPONSIBILITY in believing that the Coronavirus was a hoax, has him hospitalized infected with that same hoax. Since he has it, do you think he’ll admit it isn’t a hoax? Will it change the way he responds or addresses this crisis? So, for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about this president’s LEVEL OF IRRESPONSIBILITY!!

Prior to Tuesday’s debate, Trump hosted on Saturday, a meet and greet for 200 plus invited guests on the White House lawn to introduce his Supreme Court nominee. Images of the event quickly emerged of behaviors that align with his beliefs that this virus is a hoax-maskless individual sitting close together, talking face to face, smiling, hugging, and shaking hands,- appearing to be having a good time as if there was NO virus. Although a few attendees wore masks, it was virtually impossible for social distancing to be practiced since the seating was so close. Well, it turns out that the president hosted one helluva SUPER SUPREME SPREADER party. Because days after that event, he and his wife, a few top-level republicans, aides, photographers, journalists, secret service, and military personnel ALL tested positive for the Coronavirus.  Despite the pandemic experts warnings of the dangers of gathering, the president’s decision to disregard that advice and host the SUPER SUPREME SPREADER event shows the lack of respect he has for science and the LEVEL OF IRRESPONSIBILITY he has for others. But, his LEVEL OF IRRESPONSIBILITY doesn’t end there. Noooo…It’s the gift that keeps on giving. The president knowing that he had tested positive for the DEADLY virus, jumped back on the campaign trail and attended a crowded rally with people shouting and not practicing social distancing in Duluth, Minnesota. To show his thanks and appreciation for their support, he repays them by exposing them to the deadly virus. Traveling to this rally AFTER he learned of his diagnosis was unconscionable and clearly demonstrates the LEVEL OF IRRESPONSIBILITY and disrespect that he has for the lives of Americans.

A few hours after returning from the rally, the media publically announced that he and his wife tested positive for the Coronavirus. It wasn’t a big surprise. With his reckless behavior and LEVEL OF IRRESPONSIBILITY, it was just a matter of time before he became infected. His continued desire and obsession to host in-person conventions, events, and rallies during this pandemic shows you just how selfish and egotistical he really is. Just today, infected with a highly contagious disease, he left the hospital wearing a mask to participate in a motorcade that drove him around the hospital for a few minutes so that so he could wave to a handful of supporters that stood outside, and then return to his hospital room. The purpose of being quarantined is to reduce the risks of transmissions to others, instead, his COVID-19 infected ass continues to risk the lives of the secret service, other security, and medical personnel that were involved in coordinating this joyride, just so that he could feed his ego. Just another prime example of the bottomless depths of his LEVEL OF IRRESPONSIBILITY and the lack of respect he actually has for others and their families.

Trump’s MIShandling of the virus has always shown us his LEVEL OF IRRESPONSIBILITY. His eagerness to disprove the science, professional pandemic experts, and the intelligence community wrong by not adhering to or mandating any of their recommendations is the primary reason why over 200K Americans have died and continue to grow. My heart and prayers go out to every person affected by this virus-those that have lost their lives, those that are fighting through it, and the loved ones that have been left behind. It should have never happened, these lives should have been saved. Even though I dislike the president because of his behavior, job performance, overall ineptness, and his LEVEL OF IRRESPONSIBILITY, I prayed for him and the first lady to recover from this disease. But, after his joyride, I will not be wasting any more of GOD’s time lifting him up, in prayer, instead, I am going to STAND BACK and STAND BY as I continue to watch him implode because of his own LEVEL OF IRRESPONSIBILITY!!!! We cannot afford to have a man with this LEVEL OF IRRESPONSIBILITY continue to lead this country, so Mask up and vote BLUE on November 3rd!!

SHIP TALK: Do you believe that Trump has the virus? Or do you think it is a ploy for him to get votes?

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  1. I agree Lori!! He is a special kind of someone but we know that rich folk have little use for GOD but I am going to stand back and stand by and watch his kindgome crumble. I am going to try to do it without a smile.

  2. I don’t think he really had it. He is irresponsible on so many levels – starting with telling the truth. Most of us prayed for him and all those infected, and he is making a joke out of it.

  3. I can only shake my head because we don’t know what to believe from theirs President. As a nation, I think most of us are WEARY! It’s unbelievable to me how many people continue to support him. His hatred and vitriol underlies their support. He is America personified, and all of her deadly sins, lust, greed, envy, he’s got it covered. God is not mocked. In due time we shall deep what we sow. VOTE BLUE!

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