“This ain’t no JOKE, you will NEVER get my VOTE!!!” Anonymous

Everyone likes a good JOKE, including me. Even though I am a serious person by nature, I DO love to laugh and am always up for a good joke.  BUT, not all JOKES are funny to me. There are some jokes especially those about-racist/ism, the disabled, and dying from the Coronavirus-that aren’t funny. These types of jokes are rude, insensitive, and for most, normal people, off-limits. Not for the current president though, he doesn’t care.  He has made jokes about people in all these categories but he’s the real JOKE. Last week, his brief hospitalization for Covid-19, which I doubt he had, was nothing more than a political attempt to evoke sympathy with the hope, it would turn into votes. But instead, he made a mockery a JOKE of the deadly virus. What a slap in the face to the 212K Americans that have lost their lives and to the families they’ve left behind. It’s a JOKE to him, he doesn’t take anything seriously because HE’S A JOKE. He’s just a big fat, orange punch line. So for this week’s blog, let’s explore some of the reasons why he is considered a JOKE. Let’s get at it, let’s talk SHIP about the president cause HE’S A JOKE!!!.

Because of this administration, America is barely viewed as the respected leader of the free world that we once were. Nooooo, not at all. With this president’s ineptitude, America has become the laughing stock of the WORLD and he has done nothing to re-establish our presence as a leader because he can’t. He’s NOT a leader, HE’S A JOKE. He’s rude, dishonest, lacks character, has no morals, and acts uneducated. Despite his claims of being a college graduate, he has shown little evidence of his collegiate propensity. His inability to articulate or communicate without hurling insults is why he is perceived as being a JOKE and that perception is accurate because he is. HE IS A JOKE!!! His constant lying, then denying his constant lying, is the only thing he has done consistently since taking office.  HE’S A JOKE and not fit to serve as the leader of America.

He has no boundaries and will insult anyone. In an effort to win an election, he made fun of his opponent’s son’s former drug addiction but never mentioned his 3 money-grubbing lawbreaking children, because HE’S A JOKE. His desire to deny millions of Americans with pre-existing health conditions insurance is cruel, especially when he receives the best medical care even though he pays so little in taxes, confirms HE’S A JOKE. During a pandemic, denying 35.3 million unemployed Americans an extra $600 of stimulus money to feed their families while giving tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans, demonstrates that HE’S A JOKE. Him only paying $750 in taxes because of a loophole, while essential workers are paying 3 times that amount, validates that HE’S A JOKE. His divisive rhetoric and refusal to denounce white supremacist groups along with his open support of armed people that threatened to shoot or who have shot and killed unarmed protesters authenticates that he is a racist and that HE’S A JOKE. While taunting that he’s done more for African Americans since Lincoln, yet his unwillingness to acknowledge that systemic racism exists, is absurd and indicative that HE’S A JOKE. His greed allowed a foreign government to put a bounty on the heads of our military proves that he is unpatriotic and clearly demonstrates that HE’S A JOKE. His refusal to admit that he colluded with Russia to interfere in the previous election, shows how dishonest he is. HE’S A JOKE. His denying that police brutality exists while watching the murder of George Floyd by police officers, proves HE’S A JOKE. His know-it-all attitude and unwillingness to listen to medical experts and scientists regarding the pandemic has caused the loss of 212K Americans along with his reluctance to mandate wearing masks is by far his deadliest decision, which corroborates that HE’S A JOKE.

Yes, HE IS A JOKE but one we must take very seriously. We cannot endure another 4 years of his non leaderSHIP. WE have to vote his orange azz out. Because of his continued divisive rhetoric, I don’t think he wants to be re-elected. How could he? Sure some people will continue to buy into that us and them, racist talk, that he spews and will vote for him. But I have to believe that most Americans are good and decent people who don’t buy into his race-baiting. I have to believe that other level headed Americans see him for who is and believe that HE’S A JOKE too. I believe that he only wants to be re-elected so that he can avert prison because he knows that when he loses and can no longer be protected by his republican cronies, prosecutors will open investigations into crimes that he committed while in office and he’ll quickly discover when he is arrested that the JOKES ON HIM. Let’s make that happen by casting a vote to vote his orange azz out. Voting against him will let him know that the majority of American people care about the future of our country and think HE’S A JOKE.!!!

Please VOTE BLUE!!!

SHIP TALK: Do you think this president is a JOKE? Why?

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