“What comes, when it comes, will be what it is.” Alberto Caeiro

I was listening to my forever pastor, Dr. William Thurmond last Sunday on his weekly Facebook Live series “Are You Listening” as he spoke about a conversation he and his son had about the recent election. The gist of their conversation was about how people on both sides-republicans and democrats-pray for their particular candidate and with only one winner, how does GOD determine who the winner is. Pastor responded, “HE doesn’t.” He explained that GOD is NOT concerned with politics at ALL. GOD HEARD the prayers of both sides and answered them both in ACCORDANCE with HIS WILL.  It was GOD’S WILL for the election to happen the way it happened. It was HIS WILL for the candidate who won to win.  It was HIS WILL for the candidate who lost to lose.  As I continued listening, the phrase, “IT IS WHAT IT IS” popped into my head and I began to ponder its meaning. I discovered that it could mean one thing in one context and have a different meaning in another. So, what does “IT IS WHAT IT IS” actually mean?  Is it the acceptance of a thing or a situation?  Does it sarcastically mean WHATEVER?  When someone says, “IT IS WHAT IT IS” are they saying they don’t care anymore?  What do you think “IT IS WHAT IT IS” mean?  For this week’s blog, let’s try to figure it out. Let’s talk SHIP about the meaning of “IT IS WHAT IT IS”!!                                        

Although I’ve heard the phrase “IT IS WHAT IT IS” tons of times, I’ve never actually used it or thought about it…until now. We’ve heard the term used when a relationSHIP ends, “IT IS WHAT IT IS”. When we don’t get the job, “IT IS WHAT IT IS. Whenever something doesn’t go a certain way, we’ve heard “IT IS WHAT IT IS”. In the aforementioned scenarios, “IT IS WHAT IT IS seems to be associated with some type of loss. But what does it actually mean? According to Dictionary.com., “IT IS WHAT IT IS” means deal with it. It states that “IT IS WHAT IT IS” is an expression used to characterize a frustrating or challenging situation that a person believes cannot be changed and must accept. The App.com indicated that people actually voted “IT IS WHAT IT IS” as one of the most gag-inducing phrases of all time because it implies that the person who says it could care less and wouldn’t do anything about it IF he or she did care. So I guess, “IT IS WHAT IT IS”!!

As I pondered the phrase “IT IS WHAT IT IS”, I began to wonder what is the “IT” and why is “IT ” “WHAT IT IS”? For the answer, I began to reflect on Pastor Thurmond’s conversation with his son and concluded that the “IT ” is the situation, the circumstance, the thing that we are in or desire-the election, the relationSHIP, the job, the game. Those are the “IT ‘S”. The “WHAT IT IS” are the outcomes, the results– the end, the loss, the gain. But, my perspective on the phrase “IT IS WHAT IT IS” is slightly different. It is my belief that “IT IS WHAT IT IS” means accepting its GOD’S WILL.  Nothing more, nothing less. Nothing good, nothing bad.   It’s just how, in that particular situation, GOD wanted“IT” to occur. “IT IS WHAT IT IS” simply means no matter the“IT”- the situation, the circumstances, the thing -the “WHAT IT IS” the outcome, the results are in ACCORDANCE with GOD’S WILL.

Truth be told, this entire year has been filled with tons of  “IT IS WHAT IT IS” moments but so are our daily lives. If we reminisce about some of the “IT IS WHAT IT IS” situations we’ve experienced throughout our lives, we should be able to see how –the end of the relationSHIP, not getting the job, not getting the house-was for our benefit because it was in ACCORDANCE with GOD’S WILL. Sometimes that thing we want, the “IT”, may not be what’s good for us and the “WHAT IT IS” is GOD’S way of providing us with HIS loving protections. So in discovering its meaning, I’ve concluded that“IT IS WHAT IT IS” actually means “IT IS WHAT GOD SAYS IT IS because “IT” IS “WHAT IS” in ACCORDANCE with GOD’S WILL.

SHIP TALK: What does “IT IS WHAT IT IS” mean to you?

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6 Replies to ““IT IS WHAT IT IS””

  1. We welcome your comments. I think the phrase is so ambiguous it can make communication difficult. Thanks for reading.

  2. In my opinion, the expression “it is what it is” can be called just that. Who says it has to mean something. It’s how people choose to accept it. Many people will say it can be good or bad, however this doesn’t mean you have to accept it this way. I’m just adding my comments in your article and I look forward to reading your next post. i enjoyed reading your thoughts on this subject. Make it a great day.
    Terri Pattio

  3. Sissy, me TOO!! I actually really never knew what it meant. So I am grateful we both got a bit of understanding. Thanks for always supporting me.

  4. I never ever tripped off the word. I never used it but heard it often. After listening to Pastor T, it shed a spiritually light on its meaning. I still may not use it but every time I hear someone say it, I will gladly explain the “WHAT IT IS” is GOD saying that’s not for you. Thanks so much for supporting me in this little cubicle within GOD’s expansive universe. I just wanted you to know I appreciate you taking the time to support me.

  5. It is what it is surly aligns with Gods will for our lives. In fact it could also be coupled under faith. Knowing that Gods will be done. I have heard many people say it is what it is even those who don’t care 🤷‍♀️ biblically. Almost like that’s what they get kind of attitude. I choose the will of God and it gives me comfort and peace, knowing he’s working on my behalf.

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