“Practice from the head, play from the heart.” Brendan Jones

Since my birthday is in November and sometimes falls on Thanksgiving, I’ve always believed that I was a gift to my family and friends and often tease that they should be thankful for me. LOL. This year my birthday was the day after Thanksgiving and it was an emotionally humbling day. Before Covid, I’d be out on the town celebrating with my friends, grabbing a meal, having a few cocktails, having a good time but not this year. Instead, I spent it pretty much like I have every other Friday since Covid-19, home with my family, but I had a GREAT time. I felt SPECIAL!!! With all, that’s going on in the world to be thought of and acknowledged by others is an absolutely amazing feeling because truth be told, they don’t have to.  Anytime people go out of their way to wish you happiness, that’s a big deal. As I continued to respond to each and every one of my birthday sentiments, the words “DRUM ROLL PLEASE” entered my thoughts. Why “DRUM ROLL PLEASE”? Let’s figure it out!! So for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP but before we do, can I get a “DRUM ROLL PLEASE”?

A “DRUM ROLL” is often used to introduce an announcement or an event and since the event was my birthday, every birthday wish was a “DRUM ROLL”. My friends and family, through their kind words and gestures, made me feel sooo special. I felt humbled.  I felt honored.  I felt appreciated. I absolutely enjoyed it. All-day, I felt celebrated as if everyone was saying “DRUM ROLL PLEASE”!! I was awakened by birthday greetings-in person and on Facebook by my family.  I talked on the phone, texted, and thanked ALL 476 people who posted their birthday well wishes to me on Facebook. I was humbled by the content of some of the messages my friends posted on their page. I felt loved…. “DRUM ROLL PLEASE”!!! I was even more humbled by some of my friend’s actions. In the midst of the pandemic, my friends masked-up and showed they cared. My BFF, whom I haven’t seen since February, drove 45 minutes to deliver me a gift. Even though we couldn’t hug or smile at each other, we chatted briefly, she in her car and me outside before she returned home. I felt loved…..“DRUM ROLL PLEASE”!!! As she was leaving my sister retrieved an unexpected package for me off the porch.  It was a gift from another dear friend. She had sent me 4 boxes of different flavors of Buddha Tea. I was in heaven. I felt loved……“DRUM ROLL PLEASE”!!!! When I went home and checked my mailbox another friend had left a relaxation kit inside. I felt loved……….“DRUM ROLL PLEASE”!!!! Although I did nothing per se, I spent my entire birthday feeling loved and listening to “DRUM ROLLS”.

On my birthday, I was overjoyed by people’s kindness because when someone thinks of you fondly and expresses those feelings, it’s a blessing.  I really felt the depth of my friendSHIPS and relationSHIPS and overwhelmingly felt loved. As I reflected on my first “DRUM ROLL PLEASE” moments, I realized that it happened a few years back on November 27th, when GOD said “DRUM ROLL PLEASE” before I entered the world. I find myself thankful for the many “DRUM ROLL PLEASE” moments that HE and I have shared since then. As I thought about my DRUM ROLL PLEASE” moments with GOD, I recalled excerpts from the book “Think on These Things” written by my college friend, Granvel Johnson. The book talks about how much GOD loves and adores us.  It said, if GOD had a refrigerator, HE’D have a magnet with your picture on it. If GOD carried a wallet, HE’D have your picture in it. Every day of our lives, we have DRUM ROLL PLEASE” moments with GOD because HE is our BIGGEST SUPPORTER. My birthday was truly filled with love and I felt special. But, I realized that GOD enhanced my world each and every time HE said DRUM ROLL PLEASE announcing you as an integral part of my life. I am truly blessed….DRUM ROLL PLEASE

SHIP TALK: Do you have anyDRUM ROLL PLEASE moments?

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