“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher in a storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” Rabindranath Tagore

Gratefulness should be a way of life. We should ALWAYS be grateful for the people and the things in our lives. But are we? Are we ALWAYS grateful?  Even when unexpected occurrences happen are we still grateful? For the most part, I am ALWAYS very grateful and am confident in GOD’S ASSURANCES. But when unexpected things occur, I must admit, I’m flawed, I’ve got to process the situation /circumstances before being grateful or seeing HIS ASSURANCES as I discovered this weekend…..

Yesterday, as I was going to visit my brother in the hospital, my car started acting up. I had literally just turned the corner from my house when it began jerking. The check engine light came on and it began to putter as if it were going to cut off. Even though my mind automatically went to money, I immediately began to pray as I made my way to the mechanic. I repeated over and over, “Father GOD, please let me get there safely. Don’t let this car cut off.  Let me make it to the mechanic.”  Ten loooong minutes later, I arrived. He diagnosed that my car’s engine had misfired and it needed a coil replacement. Total cost- parts, and labor $250. Damn, damn, damn.

While waiting for my car to be fixed, I reflected on the situation and immediately began to praise GOD for the way my day had unfolded. Just an hour before, I was at home enjoying a lazy Saturday. I had slept in and decided before I got out, I’d give the Queendom (my home) a deep cleaning before the holidays. As I began to clean, I kept having this gnawing thought to get out NOW and clean up later. I ignored the persistent thought but eventually gave in and jumped in the shower to start my day. I left home at about 2 pm with my day already planned-first, stop to see my brother, then to the mall for a few gifts, visit my father in the hospital, and back home to finish cleaning up. Well, those plans went awry.

I eventually recognized that the plans I had for my Saturday didn’t align with GOD’S plan for me. I realized that the gnawing thought urging me to get out NOW was GOD’S ASSURANCES of protection and safety for me. See, had I stayed home and cleaned my house, my mechanic would have been closed and I would have been stranded without a car for the entire weekend. Had it not happened so close to home, I may have incurred towing fees. Had I stuck to my plans to pick up a few Christmas gifts, I would have spent the money needed to cover the repairs. When my mechanic handed me the key, he was giving me an ASSURANCE that my car had been repaired.

As I drove away, I continued to reflect on the would of, could of, and should of’s of my day, and realized I needed to TRUST and rely more on HIS ASSURANCES. I promised myself that from now on, I will see HIS ASSURANCES FIRST in EVERYTHING. HIS ASSURANCE to never leave me or forsake me. HIS ASSURANCE to be my helper in times of trouble. HIS ASSURANCE to hear my prayers. HIS ASSURANCE to keep me safe, in times of trouble. HIS ASSURANCE to provide. For me, these ASSURANCES were all demonstrated this weekend, leaving me with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude that consumes my heart. GOD is a guarantee ya’ll, so LiIVE in HIS ASSURANCES!!!

As you embark on this Holiday Season, know that HIS ASSURANCES are the reason for this season.

SHIP TALK: Do you rely on HIS ASSURANCES? Are you always mindful of HIS ASSURANCES? Do you struggle with letting go and letting GOD?

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4 Replies to “HIS ASSURANCES”

  1. Praise GOD for HIS ASSURANCES. So happy to hear everything worked out and everyone was safe. I was out of $250 that I really didn’t have but the lesson I learned while sitting at the mechanic was worth a whole bunch more.

  2. Val this segment hit right at me His Assurance. We went to pick up my younger son from Sacramento this weekend. While driving home with a trailer hitched to the back of my middle sons truck and the younger on following in his 2009 Scion. I was nervous from the start leaving Sacramento with him driving back to LA in his car because I knew he hadn’t taken care of the car properly. Before we got on the road I noticed his back tire looked low, but in walked up to it and it appeared to be ok. We got all the way to the 405 and he calls us and says “get off the freeway I have a flat.” So we do and sure enough it that tire I had noticed looked low in Sacramento. I had been praying from the time we drove up to Sacramento for the GOD to get us there and back safely. I said “now GOD you know that boy hasn’t taken good care of that car let it make it home.” As we were driving the highway I kept track of how many miles were left to get to LA because my AAA gives me 200 miles towing. GOD saw us through that long hill we had to climb and the Grapevine his Assurance to get us home safely was there. His Assurance was there because we were all together when we had to pull over in unfamiliar territory to change the flat and his Assurance that my son had a spare and he and his brother knew how to change a flat. I just kept praising God and thanking him for watching over our journey and getting us home safely.

  3. Great post Valerie
    God’s assurance I rely on it. It affirms my faith. I listen and believe he directs me. Of course I miss the mark many times, but the assurances and reliability are constant. He’s my safety lock. I’m secure knowing absurdly God is with me. Thank you

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