“We have to slow the rhythm of rush in our lives so that the best of who we are can emerge.” Lysa TerKeurst

Have you ever been on the dance floor next to someone who doesn’t seem to be dancing to the same song? Have you heard someone sing off-key? If you enjoy music and dancing, it’s quite painful to hear and watch someone who lacks rhythm. Do you have rhythm? Does your life have a rhythm? Managing most of our life’s relationSHIPS-work, children, spouses, mates, caregiving, and extracurricular activities – can be chaotic and busy. The busyness of life CAN be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be? Busyness dictates our comings and goings whereas RHYTHM allows us to flow with life while coming and going. What’s your RHYTHM OF LIFE?

One WINDY Sunday, after having a morning when things didn’t go as planned, I found myself driving in a rush to my afternoon nail appointment. I hate to be late and hate to rush even more. As I drove to the nail shop, my mind jumbled with the thoughts of the morning delays, I encountered a red light. I was on a Palm tree-lined street and as I looked up, the trees were moving in sync. These tall trees swayed back and forth as if they were being orchestrated by a conductor. It created beautiful movement that looked as if it was a routine that had practiced for years. These trees had obvious rhythm.  It was actually breathtaking, As I stared at how freely the Palm trees moved, I began to think about the rhythm of life.  Do our lives have rhythms?  Do our relationSHIPS have rhythm?  Are we in sync with the RHYTHM OF OUR LIVES?                         

When we think of Rhythm, we typically associate it with music. Rhythm is defined as- the strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound. But in actuality, rhythm guides EVERY aspect of our lives. GOD established rhythm when HE separated day and night. When HE gave us four seasons, and when HE created our bodies- the steady pulsating of our heart, the inhaling and exhaling of oxygen, and the constant flow of blood throughout our veins- all work in sync creating a rhythm. Just as it is important for our vital organs to be in sync, so should our lives.

The RHYTHM OF LIFE is defined as a strong, regular, repeated pattern by which we live our lives. It’s how we live. It’s how we do life. How are you doing life? Do you find yourself rushing through life? Not having enough time in the day? Jumping from appointment to appointment? Meeting one deadline after another? Being on one too many committees or boards?  Leaving no time to spend with loved ones, and/or self. If so, busyness is the priority in your life, not RHYTHM.

Rhythm is a combination of skill and precision and the key to mastering rhythm is the willingness to commit, dedication, and practice. Just as we can easily recognize someone without rhythm, we can also identify those who have it. A skilled dancer and a gifted musician spend years learning their craft. Eventually, they master their craft so much that when they perform, it appears effortless and the same will happen to you.

Life has its own rhythm. It’s filled with ups and downs, back and forth, give and take, push and pulls. Rhythm gives our lives focus and purpose. Rhythm allows us to tune in to what’s important in our lives and if we follow our RHYTHM of LIFE, our lives will be much more enjoyable and manageable. So, stop rushing through life, take the time to create the RHYTHM in your LIfe. Create beautiful music and dance to the beats of the RHYTHM OF YOUR LIFE!!!

SHIP TALK: What does your rhythm of life look like? Do you live a chaotic life? What changes can you make to develop your rhythm of life?

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