“She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teachings of kindness are on her tongue.” Proverbs 31:26                         

It’s Mother’s Day, the time when we celebrate those women who’ve birthed us, nurtured us, and poured life into us. Regardless if they are our biological mom, or a mom bonded through love, at this time, we honor their presence, and their spirit, and show our gratitude for the invaluable contributions they’ve made in our lives.   As I reflect on my mother and mothers in general, I realized that they possess the same characteristics as ANGELS.  Both ANGELS and moms are intelligent and wise. They can be patient and joyful.  They are both mighty and powerful.  I began to question if mothers were really EARTH ANGELS? HMMMM…..I think they ARE!!!  So for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about the similarities of ANGELS and our EARTH ANGEL MOMS!!!

Since I’ve had a few encounters with people who’ve delivered life-changing/saving messages to me that, I now know were ANGELS, I am a TRUE believer. Genesis 28 confirms that ANGELS operate in the physical realm. Which means, they live amongst us.  So, what is an ANGEL?  According to Meriam Webster, an ANGEL is “a spiritual being serving GOD; a messenger of GOD.”  But, what do they do?  ANGELS do many things but everything they do is in reference to GOD and is according to HIS will. They serve GOD and carry out HIS commands.  They deliver messages of guidance and encouragement.  ANGELS were amazingly created by GOD and so were moms. ANGELS and moms share a host of similarities. Moms are also spiritual beings that reference GOD and put HIS will first. They serve GOD and adhere to HIS commandments. And although it seems like it’s nagging, moms are always delivering some kind of message filled with guidance and encouragement. ANGELS and moms really do have a lot in common and I’m convinced that mothers are EARTH ANGEL MOMS!!

See GOD knew that loving and raising children would be a tough and sometimes thankless job. HE knew that ONLY a GOD-fearing, GOD-loving person could perform that task, so HE gifted and assigned to us and our families an EARTH ANGEL who we’d call mom.  HE knew the obstacles and hurdles that EARTH ANGEL MOMS would encounter and have to overcome, so HE made them strong.  HE knew the letdowns and disappointments that EARTH ANGEL MOMS would endure and experience, so HE made them resilient.  HE knew that EARTH ANGEL MOMS would be bombarded by their children’s and life’s inquiries, so HE gave them wisdom.  HE knew that EARTH ANGEL MOMS needed to direct their children, so HE gave them faith to lead.  Indeed, GOD equipped EARTH ANGEL MOMS with an endless amount of love, and with the skills and abilities to carry out HIS mission….to train a child in the way that he should go

Even though our EARTH ANGEL MOMS don’t wear capes, they have superpowers.  Even though our EARTH ANGEL MOMS aren’t doctors, they have a soothing and healing touch.  Even though our EARTH ANGEL MOMS are not counselors, they give the best advice.  Even though our EARTH ANGEL MOMS are not police officers, they protect and serve.  EARTH ANGEL MOMS provide that loving comfort that propels their children to go and grow in love and remind them that as they journey through life that with GOD, ALL things are possible. Once we’ve witnessed our moms juggling multiple tasks, and have experienced the depths of their love, we’ll be convinced that like ANGELS, our EARTH ANGEL MOMS are POWERED by GOD’S LOVE TOO!!! 

Wishing my mother, Emma Lathern, and ALL mothers a Happy Mother’s Day.  If your mom is no longer with us, my prayers are with you.  But remember that EARTH ANGEL MOMS have the ability to ascend and descend between heaven and earth. So she still lives in your heart. (Genesis 28:12; John 1:51) 

SHIP TALK:  Do you think that moms are EARTH  ANGELS?

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5 Replies to “EARTH ANGEL MOMS!!!!”

  1. You are an Earth Angel Mom!!! Glad you enjoyed the read. Thanks for your support.

  2. What a wonderful blog. I agree with you. God sets of everything we need. The heavenly‘s and in the earthling realm . Glory to God for Moms. Mom are so special and they are a gift from the Father. Thanks Valarie for posting this blog this week.

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