“I just want people to get off the BACK-BURNER of their life and start to take better care of themselves and their children.”       Richard Simmons   

One of the most essential things in our lives is our health.  There is even a phrase that tells us “Health is Wealth.”  Yet, do we treat our health like we treat our wealth?  I’d venture to say that most of us don’t.  Sure, we want to be healthy and live long lives but are we taking the steps necessary to make it happen?  I‘m NOT….well at least not consistently.  Even though we have reasons and people we want to live long lives for, oftentimes we don’t give it the effort it requires.  We have every intention to start but somehow we put those efforts on the BACK-BURNER.  We don’t make our health our priority.   Are you taking steps to be the healthiest version of yourself?  Or are you putting your health on the BACK-BURNERI know I DID!!  So for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about the importance of not putting our health on the BACK-BURNER!!!

The term BACK-BURNER means a situation has a low urgency of importance. Literally, like the BACK-BURNERS on a stove, it’s where we simmer things to keep them warm, while we focus on the FRONT-BURNERS.  We’ve all put some important things on the BACK-BURNERS, including our health.  I know I have!!  My dad was the type who would go to the doctor for any and everything.  If he had a cold, or a pain, he called for an appointment.  Whereas, if I felt sick, I’d wait to see if I could manage it with home remedies or if it would go away.  Just last week, I was experiencing some discomfort in my chest area.  My allergies were off the chain. My nose was stopped up, my lungs were congested, and it felt like my heart was racing. I knew it was allergies and would eventually go away, so I put it on the BACK-BURNER

After a few days, the symptoms persisted so I emailed my doctor.  The next day, my doctor left a message, but I accidentally deleted it. After making several unsuccessful attempts to return the call, I gave up and decided I would call on Monday.  Once again, I put my health on the BACK-BURNER and spent the remainder of my Friday afternoon as I’d planned-a pedicure and dinner with my family.   After I got home from dinner, I received news that one of my friends and classmates had passed away.  I was in shock.  I had just seen him two months ago at another funeral.  Although I didn’t know what he passed from, with my current health issues, I immediately became scared.  I barely slept, so at 6 am, I drove to the emergency room.  Praise GOD my blood work was normal, my heart rate, and pressure were good and I was released. 

As I drove home from the ER, I began to thank GOD, I was relieved but disappointed that I had put my health on the BACK-BURNER and knew that had to change. But how? I knew I had to rearrange my BURNERS.  For me, I needed to move my health from the BACK-BURNER to the FRONT-BURNERS. But what about you? What do you need to move? Weight? Finances? Addictions? Goals? Whatever it is, give it the attention that it needs. Take action!!! Move it to the FRONT-BURNER and stop letting stuff simmer on the BACK-BURNER!!!

SHIP TALK:  What have you put on the BACK-BURNER?

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