“To change a habit, make a CONSCIOUS DECISION, then act out the new behavior.” Maxwell Maltz

A friend sent me a text thanking me for sending her prayers and words of encouragement while she was fighting COVID-19 and to let me know that she had won the fight, Praise GOD!!  As she and I continued to text, something was said that got me to thinking about CONSCIOUS DECISIONS. Whether we want to or not, life dictates that we must make them. Have you ever made a CONSCIOUS DECISIONS that enhanced or changed your life and/or your relationSHIPS? I am sure you have because there are no, if’s, and’s, or buts about it, we’ve ALL had to make some CONSCIOUS DECISIONS. I know I’ve made plenty of CONSCIOUS DECISIONS, some stuck while others were short-lived and just recently, I was forced to make ANOTHER CONSCIOUS DECISION that would better my life. So for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about CONSCIOUS DECISIONS.   

At various points in our lives, we will be required to make CONSCIOUS DECISIONS that will not only affect our lives but the lives of others. The relationSHIPS we find ourselves in, including with self, if they are to thrive and grow, CONSCIOUS DECISIONS must be made to adjust our perspective and way of thinking in order to be receptive to new ways of thinking and/or to accept the perspective of others. According to the Changefactory.com, in their article “Do you make conscious or unconscious decisions?”CONSCIOUS DECISIONS are made with the data at hand, the risks understood, and the implications of the risk known with possible contingencies built into the decision. CONSCIOUS DECISIONS are made despite the risk or at times because of the potential reward that goes with the risk.” Simply put, CONSCIOUS DECISIONS are well-informed decisions reached after reviewing the facts, weighing the pros and cons, assessing the benefits, and determining if the desired outcome is worth the risks.

I wrote a post last year entitled“When We Know Better” in it, I shared my recent heart failure diagnosis and how it freaked me out. I’d gone from zero medications to four, three of which I take 2 times per day and I hate it. Even though I was hopeful because my diagnosis was reversible, I had to work at it. Doing some sort of aerobic workout 4 or 5 times per week would increase my heart functioning and reverse the effect. Needless to say, I made a CONSCIOUS DECISION to reverse this diagnosis and after participating in an 8-week medical exercise program, I continued and began working out regularly. After work, I’d walk around my neighborhood with my sister and friends, and my heart functioning indeed improved. But when the Covid-19 virus hit in March, it significantly altered my workout plans. Although I continued to walk, after a few months, I stopped basically out of fear. Is this virus airborne? With so much uncertainty of how it’s transmitted, I no longer felt comfortable walking. So with my heart and respiratory issues, I stopped doing what was necessary to improve my health. For the next 3 months, I did nothing. Even though I knew I needed to make a CONSCIOUS DECISION to do better, to improve my health, I did absolutely nothing.

Finally, in mid-July, I realized that being in the midst of a deadly virus with pre-existing medical issues, doing nothing wasn’t smart. I needed to be strengthening my immune system just in case I had to fight off the virus. Instead, I was content being sick and waiting to be sicker had I caught the virus. But on July 20th, I felt sluggish, was breathing hard, and had finally noticed and felt the Coronavirus pounds that I had gained, and knew I need a change. That day I made a CONSCIOUS DECISION to improve my health and set a goal to be off all medicines by the end of the year. Luckily my diagnosis was reversible which meant it was up to me. I knew what I need to do and this time I was NOT going to accept defeat. NO WAY!! I have to work out. I have to increase my heart rate. I have to increase and expand my lung capacity and I had to make a CONSCIOUS DECISION to do so and I did.

Now, after work, I jump rope for 20 to 30 minutes, 6 days a week and I LOVE IT!! While jumping, I consciously affirm my goal- no more medicines- and it keeps me going. It’s been 7 weeks since I made the CONSCIOUS DECISION to improve my health and I am so glad I did. I feel so much better, more energized, sleep better, and weight is falling off. Now, I look forward to jumping rope every day. Whatever your relationSHIP or you may individually need or desire, whatever decision you’ve postponed or delayed, I want to encourage you to make those CONSCIOUS DECISIONS that can change or enhance your life. Study the data, review the facts, weigh your options, assess the benefits, and determine if the goal outweighs the risks and then begin to make those CONSCIOUS DECISIONS that will improve your relationSHIPS and your life!!!

SHIP TALK: Do you have any CONSCIOUS DECISIONS that you should be making but haven’t? Have you made any CONSCIOUS DECISIONS that have improved your life?

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  1. Yes, they are! I am pleased because I made one CONSCIOUS DECISION and two are being addressed. Off medicine by the end of the year and my 2nd goal of weight loss is also being addressed. I’ll keep you posted on my successes in November or December. Thanks for supporting me sister.

  2. Thanks, Sheila. I had a long talk with myself and acted upon it. I was shocked cause my neighbor told me that I was losing weight. I knew inches and hadn’t thought about it. My goal is to get off the medicine period. Weight loss is an added benefit and the second one of my CONSCIOUS DECISIONS that I needed to make. Thank GOD they are intertwined by the time I get around to working on that I won’t have so much work to do…..Thanks for reading.

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