“Make sure everyone in your boat is rowing and NOT drilling holes when you aren’t looking” Unknown

Even though I can’t swim, there is nothing more peaceful and relaxing to me than spending a beautiful hot, sunny day in a boat on the open seas. A yacht, swimsuit, sunglasses, drinks, and a few good friends is a surefire recipe for big fun. And although that was NOT my experience this weekend, I did reminisce about the times I’ve spent over the years on beautiful yachts celebrating friends’ nuptials, birthdays, and/or retirement parties.  But, after being comforted by those fond memories, my thoughts, unfortunately, re-emerged to the here and now. That’s when I realized that the SHIP that I’m currently sailing on-the USA American-has HOLES in it and unless it changes its course, it will shipwreck.  So for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about sailing with HOLES IN THE SHIP.

When there are HOLES in a SHIP it is nowhere near a relaxing experience, it’s actually the opposite-hectic and extremely dangerous. Having HOLES in a SHIP will greatly affect the SHIPS ability to sail and the sailing experience itself. But, some SHIPS like the-USA American -has always sailed with its share of DINGS and PATCHED up HOLES and has always managed to sail forward. Yet, in the last 4 years, those HOLES have not been given very much attention. They have not been repatched or repaired, and as a result, they’ve gotten bigger and there are even more of them. Because every time the current commander in chief opens his mouth to speak- his verbal lashings, attempts to stoke racial tensions, and his political divisiveness puts another HOLE IN THE USA American SHIP.

When he-condemns athletes for kneeling during the anthem-it’s another HOLE IN THE SHIP. When he-disagrees with NASCAR’S decision to ban the confederate flag, chastises the Washington Redskins for changing their name-a HOLE IN THE SHIP. When he-provides No leaderSHIP in the midst of a pandemic- a HOLE IN THE SHIP. When he-insists children and teachers return to school during a deadly virus-a HOLE IN THE SHIP. When he-allows babies to be ripped from their mother’s arms, separates children from their families at the border-a HOLE IN THE SHIP. When he-stomps out the dreams of DREAMERS- a HOLE IN THE SHIP. When he-sends federal troops to terrorize peaceful protestors- a HOLE IN THE SHIP. When he– attempts to suppress the votes- a HOLE IN THE SHIP. When he-acknowledges the voices of white supremacists-a HOLE IN THE SHIP. When he-accepting a bounty for the death of our soldiers- a HOLE IN THE SHIP. When he-degrades women, mocks persons with disabilities-a HOLE IN THE SHIP. When he-commits treason and allows Russia to interfere in an election-a HOLE IN THE SHIP. When he-preaches hate and fear-a HOLE IN THE SHIP. Every time he is caught lying, he puts another HOLE IN THE USA American SHIP and tries to use a teaspoon to get rid of the water.

For the majority of USA passengers sailing on the- USA American SHIP- Trump has certainly created an unpleasant sailing experience. It has become chaotic and frightening and unless we change captains and chart a new course, the SHIP USA American-will wreck with US on it. So help plug up these HOLES IN THE SHIP and vote Biden and Harris on November 3, 2020. To make sure you plug up the HOLES IN THE SHIP bypass the post office and drop off your ballot at your election hub. We can’t jump SHIP but if we vote, WE can plug up the HOLES IN THE USA AMERICAN SHIP !!!!

SHIP TALK: Are you registered to vote? What are your thoughts about our current Republican and Democratic candidates?

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