“Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner PEACE.”  Dalai Lama

SHHH!!!  Listen……do you hear that?  It’s the relaxing sound of PEACE and quiet.  Call me crazy but I believe that PEACE can be found in almost any situation.  It may not be obvious, but the opportunities for it are always there.  PEACE exists within an argument or a disagreement, a chaotic job situation, and a dysfunctional relationSHIP. PEACE actually lives in every situation that we’ll encounter, all we have to do is CHOOSE it.  Yes, it is a choice. Every disagreement and argument takes two willing participants. When we CHOOSE to be an unwilling participant, we are CHOOSING PEACE.   Are you a willing participant in disagreements?  Do you believe that PEACE is a choice?  Are you CHOOSING PEACE in your relationSHIPSLord knows, I’M TRYING!!!  So for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about the importance of CHOOSING PEACE!!!

Most happy and successful relationSHIPS, including the one with ourselves, thrive when they are harmonious and balanced and when they are PEACEFUL.  But acquiring PEACE is a journey that must begin with US.  The search for inner PEACE teaches us more about ourselves while also challenging us to evolve and grow.  And eventually, on the journey, we learn that others aren’t responsible for creating PEACE in our lives, that’s our job.   Sure we all want those PEACEFUL moments in our lives and in our relationSHIPS to be continuous and ongoing.  But the first part of creating and CHOOSING PEACE in our lives is recognizing that a life filled with discord and disharmony is a choice too. 

When we CHOOSE PEACE, we realize that it is a way of life and begin to establish boundaries for others. When we CHOOSE PEACE, we recognize that every action doesn’t require a reaction and that every statement doesn’t require a response.  When we CHOOSE PEACE, we understand that CHOOSING PEACE is more important than proving a point or being right.  So the next time someone invites you into their chaos- by talking negatively about you or throwing what they’ve done for you in your face– don’t fall for it.  Shake it off. Don’t let it get to you. Don’t let their disrespect disturb your PEACE, it’s not worth it. Simply step away from the situation and take time to calm your mind, body, and spirit. Because when you do that, you are CHOOSING PEACE!!!

SHIP TALK: Is PEACE a choice?  In disagreements, do you CHOOSE PEACE?  If no, why not?

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2 Replies to “CHOOSING PEACE!!!!!”

  1. Trust me Carolyn, I get it. I truly understand. I have learned that the only thing I am willing to fight for is PEACE. I try to remember that the power of tongue is life or death. We can use it to uplift and encourage or to break down and demolish souls with our words. I am a work in progress but I try to keep in mind that the options for PEACE are always available Thanks for supporting me. Share with your friends and keep coming back.

  2. I can truly admit in a heat of the night conflict I have not chosen peace. When I think about it as it relations you relationship I believe the rise of ‘I’m right you’re wrong,” jumps ahead of peace. But, I have to admit I hear the Father saying, “daughter why are you angry,” I have taken a breath and confessed I was angry and God will dismantle all of it. It’s His reasoning I love. Beside loving Him. He makes me reflect on my behavior and how I can embrace His peace. I’m willing but sometimes the flesh wars with my spirit.
    Love this Valerie.

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