“Who knows himself a braggart, let him fear this, for it will come to pass that every braggart shall be found an ass”  William Shakespeare

Have you ever met someone that goes on and on about what’s going on in their life?   They BRAG about their new car, the renovations to their house, their kid’s accomplishments, their relationSHIPS.  Whatever is happening in their lives, they ramble on and on about it.  BRAGGING is annoying to listen to and can be a frustrating experience for the listener.  Do you know someone that ALWAYS BRAGS about themselves?  OMG, YES and it is annoying!!!  Do you constantly BRAG about what you have?  Or Who you know?  Are you a BRAGGER?  Thank GOD, I’m NOT!!! So for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about BRAGGING!!!

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, BRAGGING is defined as: to talk boastfully about one’s achievements or possessions; displaying arrogant and pompous speech.  Most people who BRAG do so because they’ve had some type of insecurity formed by their life experiences, successes, and failures. They use BRAGGING as a defense mechanism to protect them from revealing their weaknesses and fears to others.  We’ve all been stuck listening to someone BRAGGING about their perfect life and their accomplishments. It happened to me last week.   Last Thursday, I got a text from a friend saying that a guy from high school wanted me to get in touch with him and included his number, so I called.  I left a message and about 20 minutes later, he called back. 

We hadn’t spoken in 30 years and without an inquiry, he immediately began BRAGGING!!  He rambled on and on about how well he and his family were doing.  He shared that he had 3 grandchildren, his daughter graduated from a prestigious college with her master’s degree, and his son was married and expecting his 4th grandchild, etc.  Not only did we go to high school together, for years, our families also attended the same church and our mothers were very close until she passed a few years ago.   So I asked if he knew my dad had passed.  He said no, and asked when?  Before I could say February 2020, he switched the conversation back to him.  I was pissed.   

As I continued listening to his BRAGGING, I remembered he was always an arrogant dude, that I’d never really liked, and immediately began regretting the call.   He didn’t want anything.  He wasn’t interested in my life.  He just wanted to BRAG about what was happening in his.  Despite him being a Pastor, he was still that selfish, self-absorbed asshole that he’d always been.   After we wrapped up this one-sided call,  I immediately contacted my friend who sent the text and shared that I called him.  But, I explained that it wasn’t until our conversation, that I had realized that I didn’t like him as a person and never had.  I remembered that we were never friends and had forgotten that I’d always thought he was an arrogant asshole and quickly regretted the call.    

Although I know what BRAGGING is, I’ll admit that I don’t quite understand its concept. Especially since GOD created us ALL In HIS image, it makes us ALL capable of living our best lives. So other than BRAGGING about GOD’S Mercy and Grace, what is there to BRAG about?  After all, if it weren’t for HIS Mercy and Grace, none of us would have a thing. BRAGGING actually makes the BRAGGER look bad because it reveals their lack of self-worth and insecurity. It’s also a sure-fire relationSHIP ender. So if you are a BRAGGER, STOP!   Not BRAGGING about yourself, give others who love you the opportunity to cheer for your successes and BRAG about you when you’ve achieved them.   Be proud of who you are and what you’ve accomplished BUT, let others toot your horn, celebrate, and do the BRAGGING for you!!


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6 Replies to “BRAGGING!!!”

  1. That’s one way to look at it or a glutton for punishment. That one conversation with dude I couldn’t do it but every 30 years. LOL

  2. I’ve NEVER heard your name drop other than JESUS. I mean sharing experiences is one thing but being a BRAGGART is an entirely different thing. I don’t think you fit into this category at all. You’ve met a host of fabulous individuals and musicians and I only know that because of pictures. Other than pictures, I have never heard you speak, let alone boast about any of these experiences. Yet, if you feel you need to work on something, feel free, but I don’t see it. When he was called to ministry, I knew he was a con. I don’t know why, but dude has always been a flake. When I called, he acted surprised as if I called out of the blue. Then told me he didn’t ask my friend to give me his number, he said he asked if anyone asked about him, give them his number. My friend said he lied, he specifically told him to reach out to me and my sister and give us his #. He was bragging about how good life was and never mentioned he was divorced….and I believe I know why. Him not asking or offering to pray for my family regarding my father’s passing, i hung up in his face…but didn’t mention that in the post…LOL.

  3. Arlettia, I was doggone pissed that I allowed this guy into my mental space. It had been about 30 years since we last spoke at I predict it will be 30 more. How do you put up with your friend’s ramblings? I couldn’t listen to that kind of cap on a regular basis.

  4. THIS IS SO GOOD! I know for a fact that when I feel insecure in a relationship, I will start name dropping! What a foolish thing to do. I absolutely HATE when people do it and I really work hard at NOT doing it, but every now and then that insecurity will raise its head. YES! Stop it! I’m so disgusted by what the gentleman did when you mentioned your amazing father. How HURTFUL! What an ARSE!

  5. OMG! This is so timely because I have a friend who constantly bragging about her life and how wonderful it is. It’s exhausting! I also happen to know for a fact that it isn’t as wonderful as she claims which makes it even more annoying!

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