When adversity strikes, that’s when you have to be the most CALM.  Take a step back, stay strong, stay grounded, and press on.”           LL Cool J


Friday I started receiving a few e-mails from my blog host, Go Daddy, and Blue Host, and it turns out my blog website had been hacked. Whomever it was, accessed my account and changed my name server.  When I tried to log on, it had the hacker’s name Werzuz and a flashing message saying, “CALM DOWN you’ve been hacked.”  I had absolutely NO access to my own site and began to freak out. I immediately contacted my host servers and informed them that I hadn’t made any changes to my website and had been hacked.  After verifying who I was, I discovered that someone in Columbus, Ohio had logged on earlier that day and made some changes to my account.  He said I needed to contact the other server and notify them as well.  I did and they were able to restore my “A Record” and told me that my website would be restored, I just had to be patient because the site needed to propagate itself and it could take anywhere from 0 to 48 hours to do so.  Despite being pissed, I had to do what the hacker suggested, I had to CALM DOWN, BE PATIENT, AND WAIT!!! Have you ever experienced a moment when you had to CALM DOWN, BE PATIENT, AND WAIT? I HAVE and am going through it right now!!  So for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about the need to CALM DOWN, BE PATIENT, AND WAIT!!!

Needless to say, I felt violated when my website was hacked.  I was anxious because I was uncertain if it would be fully restored or if my blog posts were lost.   After speaking with a customer service rep, she assured me that my page would be restored and that none of my posts would be lost. Thank GOD!  She also explained that my domain was public and all of my information-name, address, e-mail– was visible to the public and suggested that I change it to a private domain.  I made the change immediately.  Before we ended our conversation, the rep explained what happened. She informed me that the hacker changed my name server and directed traffic away from my website and that in order for traffic to be redirected to my site again, the root name servers and cache records on the entire web needed to be updated to my website’s DNS information. She reiterated the time frame and said, just be patient, it will be back up eventually. Even though I was still very anxious, I had no other choice, I had to CALM DOWN, BE PATIENT, AND WAIT!!!

Saturday morning after checking my website every hour on the hour, with no positive results, I decided to CALM DOWN, BE PATIENT, AND WAIT!!! Checking it every hour was making me even more frustrated. I realized I had no other choice, I had to surrender to the process. I had to let it go.  I had to be patient.  But how?  I simply allowed myself to accept the fact that I was locked out of my website and there was nothing else I could do but CALM DOWN, BE PATIENT, AND WAIT.   So, I got up and got active.  I cleaned my Queedom, paid bills, watered the grass, cooked some BOMB ass black bean and corn tacos with rice and refried beans, started my weekly blog even though I couldn’t post it, and dumped by DVR.  I caught up on the new season of Survivor, CSI: Las Vegas, and enjoyed them both.  Once I CALMED DOWN, I had a wonderful, enjoyable, and relaxing weekend.  

Yet, even though I had CALMED DOWN, I couldn’t help but wonder why anyone would hack my website.  It’s not like I have a million followers. Hell, I don’t even have 100 followers. But, I am very grateful for every subscriber and viewer that reads my weekly blog posts, because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE writing them. For me, writing these posts is therapeutic and serves as my personal ministry to GOD and I write them with the hopes that they will encourage and motivate others. Life is tough and at times, we can all benefit from encouragement. Especially since we ALL sail on very different SHIPS but oftentimes, experience the same or similar kinds of turbulence.  I believe that it is during these turbulent moments that we need support and encouragement. Because one thing in life is certain, things don’t and won’t always go as smoothly as we’ve planned.  SHIP will happen! There will certainly be times when we will experience situations and circumstances that are beyond our control but when we do, remember things will be restored but first we have to………….. CALM DOWN, BE PATIENT, AND WAIT on and TRUST GOD!!! 

SHIP TALK: Have you ever experienced a moment when you had to CALM DOWN, BE PATIENT, AND WAIT? Did it work out?

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