“The magic word is I. Start a new chapter today. Stay away from what might have been and focus on what can be. Every day it’s a chance for a new beginning.” London Mond

RelationSHIPS are filled with miscommunications, betrayals, and disappointments, some of which people successfully navigate their way through.   However, there are times when we may just need to JUMP SHIP.   When a relationSHIP is not going the way that we’ve anticipated or is no longer satisfying us, it may be time to develop an exit plan.  It may be time to JUMP SHIP!!  Sometimes, I see and hear scenarios that I find interesting and turn them into blog posts to find out what you’d do and this post is one of those instances. Last week while watching Divorce Court, an unmarried couple stood in front of Judge Faith to share their story and I couldn’t believe how selfish and conniving people can be within what is supposed to be a loving relationSHIP. So for this week’s blog post, let’s talk SHIP about the importance of recognizing when to JUMP SHIP!! 

Here’s their story: After 5 years of dating, Stacey and Troy found themselves faced to make decisions about their relationSHIP in Divorce Court.  Stacey told the story of how they met and explained that the first 3 years of their relationSHIP were filled with love and hope.  She talked about how much they enjoyed each other’s company during their weekly date nights, etc.   Although Troy had been married before and already had 2 children, she told of how they discussed marriage, having children of their own, and dreaming about their future. In the fourth year of their relationSHIP, things changed when Troy received a 7.3 million dollar inheritance.  He suddenly felt that those weekly date nights were a waste of money and now preferred to stay home, cook, and watch movies.  He began giving Stacey a $100 weekly allowance and requested receipts justifying her purchases.   Stacey shared that after years of trying to get pregnant, they began seeing fertility specialists for assistance and to find out what their problem was. It was then that Troy revealed that when he received his inheritance two years ago, he had a vasectomy because he didn’t want her to trap him by getting pregnant.  Unbelievable!! This man took this woman to numerous doctor’s appointments knowing that nothing was wrong with her because he was already fixed.  He also admitted that he only gave her a $100 allowance because he didn’t want her to have enough money to save up to leave him. She was devastated.  Did she JUMP SHIP? Would you JUMP SHIP?  

Although the words JUMP SHIP may sound negative, they’re not. Choosing to JUMP SHIP and end a relationSHIP for whatever reason is actually the very moment we begin to CHOOSE ourselves. To me, JUMPING SHIP is actually a declaration of independence. It’s the start of a new chapter and the opportunity for a new beginning. Troy was a real jerk but for years she obviously had to ignore and overlook his selfish tendencies. This couple is a lesson in understanding that regardless of how long we’ve been in a relationSHIP, we must never forget to put ourselves first. And sometimes if we JUMP SHIP, we’ll be doing just that!! In the end, she JUMPED SHIP. She left him, his money, and she chose herself. I’m glad she did but I would have JUMPED SHIP with the $100 weekly allowance. That action in itself speaks volumes and it would have been a message that I’d have heard loud and clear. So, if you ever find yourself in a situation, choose yourself, and if it gets too bad, never be afraid to JUMP SHIP!!!

SHIP TALK: Would you JUMP SHIP?  Why?

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2 Replies to “WHAT IF SCENARIO #7-JUMP SHIP!!!”

  1. Thanks Robin. Gurl, giving me $100 a week when you have 7.3 Million dollars, I am out of here. I really appreciate your thoughts on my site. I am going to spend more time trying to grow it and write more intriguing posts. I hope you subscribe and share with your friends. Thanks again for your support, it means the world to me.

  2. Great post Valerie. She should have left Troy and sued him for her time, money and effort. And you’re right when you state, she should have left him at $100 dollars a week.

    Congratulations on your Site it’s very nice. Plus valuable content.

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