“True teams are made when you put aside individual wants for the collective good.” Chiney Ogwumike

It’s a beautiful sunglasses kind of Saturday in sunny Southern California. Indeed the weather has been gorgeous these past few days, definitely outdoorsy kind of weather. It’s a little over 96 degrees, the sun is shining bright with a gentle, breath-taking breeze. It’s the type of weather where-BBq-ing, sipping on a fruity cocktail, listening to some good music, while hanging with friends and family would ordinarily be the plan for the day. BUT NOT today. Why not? Because we are STILL in the MIDST of a DEADLY PANDEMIC.

Although most cities in California are still enforcing the closures of beaches, parks, walking trails, restaurants, and other non-essential businesses, a few cities have re-opened their beaches. And since it’s the FIRST hot day since the pandemic began, people are FLOCKING to the beaches in droves as if it were a normal day. Well it isn’t! Despite California’s Covaid-19 death rate which already exceeds 50,000, the shelter in place directives, and social distancing recommendations, people from all parts of Los Angeles ignored these facts and relaxed these rules in order to gather and bask in the sand and sun at the beach.

We may not know exactly how the Coronavirus is actually transmitted, however, we DO know that hanging out, being in crowds, and small gatherings are unsafe and just too risky.  We also know that NOT taking preventative, protective precautions means we may risk spreading the virus to our children, parents, grandparents, and friends which may result in their or even our own death all because we selfishly refuse to wear a mask and stay at home. WE ALL want to get outside but because of the dangers of doing so, we shelter in place.

We ALL want to enjoy socializing again. We ALL want to build sandcastles and soak our feet in beach water but realize it’s just too risky. We ALL want to be in the backyard mingling with our neighbors, family, and friends while enjoying a cocktail but realize it’s just too risky. We ALL want to get our hair and nails done, but realize it’s just too risky. We ALL want to go to the gym but realize it’s just too risky.  We ALL want to be seated on the patio of our favorite restaurant enjoying a refreshing Margarita but realize it’s just too risky. We ALL want to see our kids/grandkids as they laugh and freely run in the neighborhood parks but realize it’s just too risky. We ALL want to be in an air-conditioned movie theater but realize it’s just too risky. WE ALL want to get outside but some of us want to LIVE MORE.

TRUST ME, after 7 weeks of being quarantined, WE ALL want to leave our homes, get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. But. many of us realize that by doing so, it could be detrimental to our health and the health of those we love. The reality is that the longer it takes for ALL OF US to adhere to the shelter in place directives, the more people will die a lonely death, and the longer WE ALL will remain quarantined. So be a team player, stop being selfish, follow the shelter in place directives, and stay your ass at home……cause WE ALL want to get out in it TOGETHER!!!!

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2 Replies to “WE ALL WANT TO……”

  1. Amen. I am working from home too but the reality is if I weren’t I’d still NOT be out in it. If these folks don’t stay inside, they’ll not see a future.

  2. Still at home, comfortable and enjoying the shelter life. I’m good with it. I understand the anxiety people feel who are not able to work from home and are facing an uncertain future, and I pray for them. Fortunately, I’m still able to work from home, at least for now. That can change any day since law firms are basically losing business during the pandemic, but I’m trusting that God already knows the end from the beginning and I’m good with His plan.

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