“Listen to the SILENCE. It has so much to say.” RUMI

Years ago, when I was the director of an employment training program for high school dropouts, I met a young man who was immensely quiet.  I mean frightfully, uncomfortably quiet. I recall a conversation that he and I had while I was getting to know him.  He informed me that he was the 7th child out of 9 and that his family has always struggled. I inquired if he talked at home and he said, he did, all the time.  I asked why he was so quiet during the program, and he responded that “when he’s quiet, he hears more.”  I was floored.  I’d never expected to hear such a poignant response from a 17-year-old.  Over the years, I’ve reflected on that conversation and recently after an egregious deed was done to me, learned for myself, the IMPORTANCE OF SITTING IN SILENCE.   Do you believe that SILENCE is important? Do you welcome the SILENCE?  Are you afraid to SIT IN SILENCE with just your thoughts?  NOT anymore, I embrace the SILENCE!!! So, for this week’s blog post, let’s talk SHIP about the IMPORTANCE OF SITTING IN SILENCE!!!

We live in a noise-filled world, and for most of us, the constant background noise and clatter prevents us from seizing those SILENT moments that would allow us the opportunity to hear our thoughts and to bring the clarity we need to the circumstances and situations that affect our lives.  Especially since life also requires that we make noise too. I am not a shy quiet person, on the contrary.  I stand up for myself and speak out against injustices done to me and to others.  I talk all the time and when I communicate, I tend to have a no-nonsense approach, but I’ve also learned the IMPORTANCE OF SITTING IN SILENCE.   I discovered that I needed to turn inward to receive the answers to the external matters that were affecting my life. All I had to do was to BE STILL and embrace the SILENCE. Trust me, I get it…..SILENCE CAN be deafening, and I understand that most people prefer NOT to be engulfed in SILENCE.  Why? Probably because SITTING IN SILENCE can be uncomfortable.  Yet, I strongly believe that once we fully understand the IMPORTANCE OF SITTING IN SILENCE, we’d seek refuge there more often.

The IMPORTANCE OF SITTING IN SILENCE is that it offers us some much-needed clarity.  SILENCE is the place where we learn the most about ourselves. SITTING IN SILENCE will reveal who we are and what we’re made of. SITTING IN SILENCE will expose the truth that already lies within us and answer ALL of the questions we seek in our search for the truth.  SITTING IN SILENCE will enhance our ability to see and hear everything that is happening around us. SITTING IN SILENCE will validate WHO we belong to because it allows us to concentrate and focus on the promises of GOD. See, once we recognize the IMPORTANCE OF SITTING IN SILENCE, nothing and no one can penetrate our inner space of stillness.  Over these past six months, I’ve learned that SITTING IN SILENCE required me to turn within for the answers I needed. And when I did, I learned that the quieter I became, the more I was able to hear and…… boy did I get an earful!!

SITTING IN SILENCE is the ultimate act of faith that leads us to answers. So, the next time you suspect your significant other is stepping out of the relationSHIP, don’t accuse them, instead, SIT IN THE SILENCE. When someone robs and steal from you or your business, hurts you, ruins your reputation, lies on you, and wrongs you, don’t retaliate, instead, SIT IN THE SILENCE. and watch the answers be revealed. For me, the time spent SITTING IN SILENCE, was well worth it because every wrong that was done to me was revealed. SITTING IN SILENCE will confirm that we NO longer have to chase the truth. Because we believe that GOD will make HIMSELF known in some way to reveal the TRUTH and provide us with the answers we so desperately seek. Know that SITTING IN SILENCE will alleviate unnecessary stress and change our lives for the better. And all we have to do is SIT IN THE SILENCE, BE STILL, and TRUST that GOD”S best work is DONE IN SILENCE!!

SHIP TALK: Do you welcome the SILENCE?  Are you afraid to sit in SILENCE with just you and your thoughts?

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