GOD lets everything happen for a reason.  It’s all a learning process, and you have to go from one LEVEL to another.”  Mike Tyson

Last week while I was locking my back door, an overwhelming sense of happiness came over me that actually made me smile.  And when my thoughts tried to shift its focus to the situations that I was experiencing-financial, business, relationSHIPS, I quickly shifted it back and once again found myself at peace and genuinely happy.  So much so, by the time I got to my car, I was in full-fledged praise mode.  Despite what was going on around me and within me, I was experiencing the kinda peace that surpasses ALL understanding and I’m determined to keep that feeling going!  As my thoughts continued to wonder how I acquired such an exhilarating feeling, it hit me. The happiness I was feeling was because I had chosen to OPERATE ON A GOD LEVEL.  That explained why the disrespect, dishonesty, disharmony, and the deception that I’d felt over the past few months never angered or upset me.  It was because long ago, I decided that I would OPERATE ON A GOD LEVEL in ALL areas of my life.   How do you handle the disrespect, dishonesty, disharmony, and/or deception in your life?  What LEVEL do you OPERATE on?  You already know my LEVEL!  So, for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about the value and benefits we’ll experience when we choose to OPERATE ON A GOD LEVEL!!

One of life’s certainties is that situations and circumstances can and will hit us anytime from any and all angles and that the energy needed to address them will require some LEVEL of emotions to get us through them.  But how do we determine which response LEVEL to use?  Do we choose a response LEVEL based on the type of offense?  Or do we use a one response LEVEL fits all type of approach?  Considering that we can’t control what others do or don’t do, choosing the right response LEVEL is important because inevitably it will unlock our peace of mind and determine the outcome of our situation.  If someone hurts, steals from, or disrespects us, our first notion or inclination is retribution-to get back at themtit for tat.   Retribution is certainly the most used response LEVEL, but it doesn’t help us get to the root cause of the hurt or disrespect, it only fuels the problem.  Not to mention, it’s a waste of time, emotions, and doesn’t offer an element of peace.  On the contrary, that response LEVEL will leave us bitter, confused, and unresolved. So, what response LEVEL do you OPERATE ON? I’ll admit back in the day, I was stuck on the one response LEVEL fits all.  If you came for me, I was eventually coming for you. But that changed years ago when I made a cognizant CHOICE to live a life more pleasing unto GOD and knew that would require me to OPERATE ON A GOD LEVEL, and it has been the best decision I’ve ever made.  See when we OPERATE ON A GOD LEVEL, we cast ALL of our concerns, problems, situations, and cares and leave them at HIS feet believing with certainty that HE WILL work it out.  At the GOD LEVEL, we can see the value in our circumstances, situations, and problems because we stop looking for reasons and answers and instead focus on the outcomes based on HIS promises. 

The greatest value and benefit of OPERATING ON A GOD LEVEL is self-discovery.  When we OPERATE ON A GOD LEVEL, we’ll discover that we have the ability to treat people right regardless of the disrespect they’ve shown us. Why?  Because of the GOD and faith in us, NOT the slick and sly in them.  When we OPERATE ON A GOD LEVEL, we’ll discover that remaining unbothered and calm when others disrespect us, unleashes and reveals the superpowers we possess within.  When we OPERATE ON A GOD LEVEL, we’ll discover that while we are waiting for HIS response, our patience is developing, and we learn the value and benefit of being STILL and KNOWING that HE is GOD.   When we OPERATE ON A GOD LEVEL, we’ll discover that the ONLY way to “true” peace is to simply let GOD be GOD.  Knowing that we no longer have the need for answers or reasons because when we are wronged, we understand that everything that is done in the dark will eventually come to the light.  When we OPERATE ON A GOD LEVEL, we’ll discover that the reassurance that no weapon formed against us shall prosper, is true.   See at the GOD LEVEL, we recognize and understand that the battle is NOT ours, it’s the LORDS. When we OPERATE ON A GOD LEVEL, we’ll discover that IF GOD is FOR us, it doesn’t matter what anyone says about or does to us……because we know WHO we belong to! OPERATING ON A GOD LEVEL., has a host of perks and unlimited benefits.

Another certainty in life is that storms, floods, and hard times will come but OPERATING ON A GOD LEVEL will give us the protection and ability we need to navigate any and all kind of weather. When we OPERATE ON A GOD LEVEL. we’ll discover that there is way too much value and way too many benefits to ever give anyone or anything enough power to make us OPERATE at any other LEVEL.  So have faith enough to believe that when we OPERATE ON A GOD LEVEL, we can count it ALL JOY. Because if we do, we’ll discover that although trials will test our faith, it will produce patience. And if we allow our patience to do its perfect work, we will be complete and lack in nothing. When we OPERATE ON A GOD LEVEL, we’ll discover that its value is a life filled with peace and happiness and its benefits is that our outcomes will ALWAYS be favorable. when we keep the faith AND continue to OPERATE ON A GOD LEVEL.!!! 

SHIP TALK:  What response LEVEL do you OPERATE on? 

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