“I would like to be remembered as a responsible human being who took CARE OF BUSINESS.” Unknown

Most of us do our part to TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS so that we can live comfortable lives.  We work to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads.  We prepare a budget and try to responsibly stick to it.  We exercise and eat right so we’ll become healthier and live longer.  We make it happen, we TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS!! Hmmm, do we? To TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS simply means “to do what needs to be done.” As I pondered this definition, the question then became, WHAT actually needs to be done? Sure we see forward progress in our lives and can check things off our things-to-do list, but what’s on our list? Are we TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS in ALL areas of life? I thought I was, but was I?   Do you think you TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS?   Recently, I discovered that I really wasn’t.   So for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP and find out if we really do TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS!!!  

Like most people, I do my best to TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS.  I grind daily to pay my bills on time and manage my household.  However, last week, I realized that I wasn’t TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS in ALL areas of my life. Indeed I had some unfinished BUSINESS that I had avoided for years because it was such a sensitive topic that I preferred not to deal with. Yet it was something that I knew eventually I had to face and my brother was the nudge that led me to immediately TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS. Let me explain….my brother has been hospitalized in ICU for over a month with his health declining rapidly.  His prognosis is grim and the doctor informed us that it’s just a matter of time.  As uncomfortable as that was to hear, my family had to step up and TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS.  We had to get his pre-planning and funeral arrangements made. At that moment, I realized that even though stuff was getting done, I hadn’t actually been TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS. There was still some unfinished BUSINESS that I needed to TAKE CARE OF, so I did!!

Most people do plan ahead in life.  They plan their wedding, education, vacations, and other significant expected life events.  But don’t plan for those unexpected events in our lives…like death.  And we should.  We NEED to make those detailed decisions that reflect our standards, lifestyle, taste, and budget. Our families shouldn’t have to bear the emotional strain of having to arrange our final arrangements while they grieve.  They shouldn’t have to TAKE CARE OF OUR BUSINESS !! So before it’s too late, start the pre-planning process for yourself and TAKE CARE OF ALL YO BUSINESS!!!

*Please keep my family in your prayers.

SHIP TALK:  Do you TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS?  Are your pre-planning needs met?

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2 Replies to “TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS!!!”

  1. Thanks Richard. My brothers situation made me rush to IPC. Caught a sale and couldn’t resist…do take care of it and thanks for supporting my blog.

  2. I agree with you totally . I’m at the age where I should be preparing for my departure one day and I haven’t done it yet. Your blog is just another reminder that I need to take care of business before it’s too late. Thanks for the nudge 😊

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