“There are people who have money and people who are RICH     Coco Chanel

When we hear the word RICH we automatically think of money, wealth, assets, and power.  When we think of people who are RICH, people like –Jay Z & Beyonce, Bill Gates, Oprah, Magic Johnson, Ellen, Steve Harvey, and the newest billionaire Lebron James– may come to mind.  But since true RICHNESS isn’t just measured by money or possessions alone, we could add our names to the list because we are RICH too!  Although we may NOT be at the same financial level of RICHNESS as the people mentioned above, we are still RICH!!  Are you RICHI KNOW I AM!!!  So for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about why we are RICH!!! 

First let me say, I like AND enjoy money and wish I had a lot more of it.  We can all agree that having money would drastically alter our current lifestyle and ease many of our financial stressors.  I know for me, it would afford me the opportunity to have new experiences and empower me to change the lives of others.   However, having money can also unleash a set of problems that can make life more complicated.  Having money can inflate our ego and make us think we are above others, and the law.  It can also invite evil elements and characters into our lives if we aren’t careful. Even still, I’ll admit, a little part of me would love to navigate life with a few of those wealthy people’s problems.  But, having money and being RICH are two very different things. 

Oftentimes the day-to-day struggles, living paycheck to paycheck, and the sheer busyness of life can rob of us the ability to see how RICH we actually are, including me. After working hard to become debt-free, I’d incurred a costly unexpected medical expense that was not in my budget. But before I became bummed out, I saw a Facebook post from an unknown author that reminded me just how RICH I truly was.  It read, “Sometimes I forget how RICH I am.  My hot water works on a dime, and my A/C works when I need it to.  I can go to any grocery store and purchase what I please to eat. I have a clean kitchen to cook in, and a clean shower to bathe in……sometimes, I forget I’m beyond blessed.”   Reading this put things in perspective for me and made me realize just how RICH I really am.

I realized that being RICH was about having more than money.  It’s about quality and not quantity.  Being RICH is having a family that loves you and who through their actions, demonstrates their love.  Being RICH is having solid friendSHIPS with people who are loyal and supportive of whatever you endeavor.  Being RICH is having the ability to use the wisdom gained from various life experiences to create a better life for yourself. Being RICH is having someone to share your love and your life with.  Being RICH is having the awareness and understanding that GOD is the source of ALL good in your life.   Being RICH is recognizing one’s blessings and when I look at ALL of the good in my life, I can truly understand just how RICH and blessed I actually am. 

Despite me having bills, debt, and a fluctuating bank balance, I finally understand that being RICH has nothing to do with money. Sure having a few hundred thousand dollars would make life much easier but it wouldn’t make it any more RICHER. Because I am already RICH and enRICHED by the loving relationSHIPS I share with GOD, my family, and my friends.  If you want to know if you’re RICH, don’t check your bank account, check your relationSHIPS with your family, friends, and GOD…..because that’s what will determine if you’re RICH or NOT!!!  

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