” Love is when HE gives you a piece of your soul, that you never knew was missing.” Torquato Tasso

During a phone conversation last week, a friend and I were catching up on life and she mentioned that she had been reading my blog and enjoying it…and that made me happy. Having people “get my blog” is fantastic because it really is my unique perspective on relationSHIPS and various topics, and you 75 followers that “get me” makes me feel like it’s 75 million, and I appreciate you taking the time to support Whatstheship.com and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you….now back to the story. As she and I continued to talk, she asked for an update on a post that I had written a few weeks ago,  NEIGHBORLY LOVE. The post was about a neighbor friend who wanted to embark on a journey to find out who her father was and who had murdered her mother.  Both my friends wanted answers.   My phone friend wanted the MISSING PIECES OF the story and my neighbor friend wanted the MISSING PIECES OF her life.  So for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about the MISSING PIECES OF….our lives.

As my friend and I continued to chat, I began to update her on the NEIGHBORLY LOVE post and shared that my neighbor friend and I had indeed begun our search for the MISSING PIECES OF her life. I had already contacted a retired police officer friend who was willing to look into her mother’s unsolved case while she and I searched for her father based on information she’d gleaned from her 40-year-old baby book.  She provided me with the full name, birth date, month, year, and I took my search to Google. The name was uniquely spelled so if it was spelled correctly, I knew we’d find him easily.  After searching, Zaba and a few other sites, I couldn’t locate the exact name the way it was spelled but when I tweaked it, I found a remarkably similar name on every site. The other name had the same exact birth date, month, and year.  The middle name was eerily similar too. She provided LES-TER and this other name was LES-LEE. The name match had way too many similarities to ignore, so I shared the information with her but still had questions. We wondered if and why the baby book information was wrong but decided we would continue the discovery anyway, so I provided the website information and she followed up. When we talked later that evening, she had retrieved the report and informed me that whoever this guy was, he had been in and out of jail for a host of criminal offenses and had a lengthy criminal record. We decided to marinate on these findings for the night.

While my friend continued to listen attentively on the phone, I continued the update. I explained that my neighbor friend called a few days after our discovery, and decided that she NO longer had the need or desire to find the MISSING PIECES OF her past. She stated that she had shared with her daughter the search results for the man that could have been her father and decided if he was, he was not the type of person that they wanted in their lives and were unwilling to allow curiosity to invite a criminal element in. She explained that she understood what her grandfather meant when he encouraged her to let things be and that she had finally reached the point where she also wanted to let it be. She expressed that over the years she had worked hard to overcome the MISSING PIECES OF her life and that she had finally reconciled those emotions and was perfectly fine NOT knowing what or who those MISSING PIECES are or were.

As I continued to listen to my neighbor friend, I was appreciative that she had called off the journey. I was happy with her decision and fully understood but I was happiest because she had recognized something that I’ve always known. Even though my neighbor friend wanted the answer to some of the MISSING PIECES “OF ” her life, she discovered that she had no LACK. She realized that there weren’t ANY MISSING PIECES “IN” her life, something I’ve always known. She grew up in a wonderful neighborhood, raised in a loving household by loving grandparents, and now blessed to have a loving, beautiful daughter of her own. There were NO MISSING PIECES IN her family life. My neighbor friend is mentally, physically, and spiritually intuned with herself. She fully understands that a healthy relationSHIP with oneself can only happen when you have a solid relationSHIP with GOD. There were NO MISSING PIECES IN her spiritual life either. In reality, there were NO MISSING PIECES ANYWHERE in her life.

As I wrapped up the update and my phone conversation with my friend, I shared that this process taught me that it is NOT until we STOP focusing on the MISSING PIECES “OF” our lives, that we will discover that there aren’t ANY MISSING PIECES “IN our lives. Because in GOD there is NO LACK. We are fully equipped, My neighbor friend always knew that IN HIM, we are whole and complete, lacking in NOTHING…… and it is for this reason that there are NO – real or perceived- MISSING PIECES “OF” or MISSING PIECES “IN”- OUR LIVES!!!

SHIP TALK: Are there any MISSING PIECES in your life? How are you handling it?

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