“For all of its uncertainty, we cannot flee the future.” Barbara Jordan

Life is filled with uncertainty and a phone call I received last weekend proved this point to be unbelievably true. The call was to inform me that my cousin, Tateanna Holt, a 36-year-old mother of 2, was out with one of her friends at a shooting range when a tragic accident occurred and she was killed instantly. I am still in disbelief and sadden by my cousin’s passing. So for this week’s blog, I am dedicating this post to my cousin, Tateanna. Let’s talk SHIP about LIFE’S UNCERTAINTY.

Tateanna had a colorful personality and could light up any room with her big beautiful smile. She was driven, full of dreams, and had high aspirations for her life. She loved helping people and wanted to open up a home for “at-risk” young men because she wanted them to know that someone cared and believed in them. However, her biggest and greatest role was being a loving mom to her 2 sons, 7 and 14. She loved those boys and was rarely seen without them. My heart aches for her sons because their mother’s passing has taught them that one thing is constant and that’s-LIFE’S UNCERTAINTY.

Although we ALL understand that tomorrow is not promised, most of us are not emotionally prepared for an unexpected loss. We never know when it will be the last time we’ll see or speak to one of our friends or relatives. So, I am grateful that I had a chance to spend some time with Tateanna at my dad’s service in February. After the service, we gathered as a family, played spades, sipped on margaritas, and talked a bunch of smack, something she and I both were good at. I never imagined it would be the last opportunity we’d have to spend time together, to laugh, and talk smack to each other. LIFE’S UNCERTAINTY‘ never ceases.

The Coronavirus has made it difficult for us to maintain face to face relationSHIPS with our family and friends. We haven’t been able to gather to celebrate birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and holidays because it’s dangerous and deadly. But, we can still tell our loved ones-through words and through actions- that we love and appreciate them. We can tell them how they’ve enhanced our lives. We can tell them how grateful we are for the contributions they’ve made in our life. When I was in college away from my family, before hanging up from a phone conversation, or before someone departs, I’d always say, I love you. So in February, when Tateanna left the house, I automatically told her I loved her. But, had I really understood LIFE’S UNCERTAINTY, I would have said much. much more!!!

Rest in love Tateanna “Tati”…..KNOW that you were loved and are greatly missed.

SHIP TALK: Has LIFE’S UNCERTAINTY‘ ever caught you off guard?

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