“Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” William Jennings Bryan

Does your life seem chaotic? Does it seem as if you’never have enough? Do you think that your destiny is to live life lacking? To live a life with limitations? Do you feel as if you are constantly weathering a storm? You may be BUT know it’s temporary, it is NOT your purpose. Living in lack is NOT your destiny, You were NOT created to struggle. Your life has a purpose, You may not see it or feel it but your life has value. You were created with a purpose. You were created for greatness, accept it, It’s your destiny, chile!!

What is destiny? Destiny is referred to as fate. It is a predetermined course of events.  It’s something to which a person or thing is destined to do or be. Destiny is our purpose. Make no mistakes, getting to our destiny and discovering our purpose is NOT an easy task but, it is doable. We’ve all lived through unsettling storms disguised as- losses, painful situations, and terrible relationSHIPS, but where we are now is not an accident, it’s where we need to be in order to discover our purpose, our destiny. Life’s storms don’t exist to keep us from our destiny, they exist to propel us toward it. Even though the waves from the storms may turn our lives upside down, you can ride them KNOWING that the destiny in us is greater than the storms around us.

The true purpose of our lives CAN’T be stopped by the destructive waves of the storm, by people, or by opposition. Nothing can stop us from reaching our destiny but us. Limiting thoughts such as- it won’t work out, I’ll be single forever, I will always be broke, I’ll always be sick, I won’t find anyone better, no one will ever love me– are sabotaging thoughts. We can’t allow doubt, or the storm, to talk us out of believing in ourselves.

We’ve got to realize that storms are designed to teach us that we are STILL going to reach our destiny without who or what we thought we needed. We are STILL going to reach our destiny without what we lost.  We are STILL going to reach our destiny without what didn’t work out. We will still reach our destiny without the support and encouragement of others. We are still going to reach our destiny without that friend who betrayed us, without that mate that walked away, without that spouse who left us. We will still make it. The storm teaches us that they weren’t needed to fulfill our destiny. We must then accept that truth and let them and it go. We can’t live our lives being concerned if we have the support of others, or if they will stay in or leave our lives, we have to decide that we can reach our destiny without them. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “the only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

Despite how unfair life looks, or how impossible things may seem, you can still live a life filled with purpose, you just have to decide to do so, If you continue to focus on- what you lost, what didn’t work, why they didn’t stay– your destiny will always be in your past. Stop being depressed and upset about what you lost because what you have left is what you need to reach your destiny. So the next time you are in a storm and your SHIP wrecks, just grab a piece of the wreckage, hold on tight and use it to ride the waves to YOUR DESTINY, CHILE!!!

SHIP TALK: What’s your purpose? Are you discovering your destiny or are you riding someone else’s wave?

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